Should I Not Tell? [First Impression-Manhwa]

Should I Not Tell? [First Impression-Manhwa]

Should I Not Tell? has an interesting plot, featuring both some mystery/fantasy and real life struggle.

Alt TitlesSay Let’s Not,  Don’t Tell, Tell or Not,  말하지 말까
CreatorsMaru (마루)
GenresDrama, Romance, Fantasy, Comedy, Slice of Life
Should I Not Tell?
Gil EunSoo is so cute!

Our main heroine in “Should I Not Tell?” starts out with a father who has high expectations of her. She struggles with her feelings regarding this and ends up meeting a guy who comforts her.

He gives her a “Virgin Mary” necklace which has a certain scent attached to it. This guy becomes Han Marie’s first crush, despite him being younger than her. Throughout the years, this girl grows up to become a 29 year old woman.

Although she discovers her first crush was in a boyband, she has never been able to find the scent again. As she’s looking for the scent, she ends up coming across a guy who has a similar scent. Or does he really?

Should I Not Tell? Gil Eunsoo
Gil EunSoo
Fate makes them meet over and over again, which inevitably leaves several good moments for us to enjoy. The strangest part about it how his change keeps on changing…

“Han Marie”, a woman who wants to remember the scent of first love, and “Gil EunSoo” a man with the scent of first love. A story of the two who need each other.

I enjoyed this story because it explains things in a methodical fashion. We get to know why she’s living at home, even though she’s at an age where she can support herself.

Yet, her family is very unsupportive to her, which pisses me off. They demand a lot of her without not considering how lucky they are to have her there to help them.

Overall, it’s a cute story with an older female lead. The chapters are also quite long, perfect for those who enjoy reading a lot. Sometimes it feels a bit dragged out, but it’s good quality content. 

Recommendation: Definitely worth a read if you like stories where love doesn’t happen instantly

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