Shot by Love [recommendation]

Shot by Love surprises me with a different setting than most stories. Our female lead has a lot of baggage and the male lead is a cold and rude doctor.

Alt Titles사랑이 쏘다, sarangi ssoda
Creatorshorn (Author)
setin (Artist)
LicensedOfficial English Translation
GenreDramaRomanceSlice of Life
Shot By Love

Shot By Love Summary

A famous but blunt doctor and a woman that promotes sketchy plastic surgeries meet. The meeting between these two causes their personalities and lives to change completely.

Shot By Love
Shot By Love starts off half-decent, but as soon as the characters start talking sparks are flying.

I quite love the female lead, who isn’t stupid or over-the-top in any way. I also really like the male lead, who has some real reasons for acting the way he is acting.

Obviously the two are perfect for each other, at least in manhwa series. The female lead is a good worker and is clearly working hard, which will earn her respect from the male lead.

The male lead takes great pride in his work and doesn’t want the female lead to ghost-write his work. However, the female lead has many objections and corrections to make on the drafts, causing more tension.

Shot By Love
Eventually they meet a common ground and something starts growing from their interactions.

Like most of these stories, there’s some jealous women here and there. However, I hope it’s not going to cause too much issues in the manhwa series.

The female lead is also having some issues with her love, mainly having unrequited love for her senior. We can all guess how that’s going, but the story is quite sad overall.

As for there chemistry between the characters, it’s impeccable. I absolutely love their interactions and chemistry, they’d make such a great pair.

The art is pretty good, too. I’m not overjoyed over it but it’s definitely high quality to look.

Final thoughts: I really love this story and I think it’s worth checking out!

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