Shining Love [First Impression]

Shining Love [First Impression]

This story of “Shining Love” started out quite nicely and introduced our three main characters in a natural way. 

Alt Titles如星的你, Rú xīng de nǐ
CreatorsLi qing (狸青)
LicensedNo, Chinese
GenreComedyDramaRomanceSlice of Life

Summary of Shining Love

“No one dislikes a delicate, pure and beautiful boy. As a popular Xiuxian novelist, You Menxian wants to write a pure love story.

When she meets the perfect male character, she deliberately tries to get closer to him, but she never thought of getting involved in his life!

A bizarre love story between a silly but amusing woman and an aloof and anxious pretty boy begins quietly”

Shining Love

We have our protagonist, You Menxian, who is an author and her best friend, who happens to be an editor. Our protagonist has an idea about writing a story set in a university campus location, whereas the editor has some apprehensions, but you know, can’t charm them all.

As our protagonist is thinking about her new plot, she catches a glance at a young guy. He’s dressed in a uniform and she’s letting her thoughts spiral out of control. I get the impression she’s a lot older than this student, so cougar warning?

We all know where this is going, right? We’re so going to see a love story developing in front of our eyes.

I must say I actually really like the character designs. Our protagonist looks youthful and playful, without looking stupid or out of place. The editor looks refined and polished, like she’s in control of her world. The young student looks pretty decent, too. Not sure how much you can change if you’re wearing a uniform, though.

Recommendation: Overall I think you should check this one out if you have the opportunity. It seems quite fun.

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