Her Tale of Shim Chong [Recommendation]

Her Tale of Shim Chong [Recommendation]

“Her Tale of Shim Chong” is a really good historical manhwa, focusing on the relationship between a beggar and a chancellor’s wife.

Alt TitlesHer Shim Cheong, Her Shim-Cheong, Her ShimCheong, Her tale of Shim Chong – Loin des yeux, ภาษาไทย, 她的沈清, 她的沈清:丞相夫人與她的秘戀, 彼女の沈清, 그녀의 심청
CreatorsSeri [Lee Ga Yeong, Lee Ga Young, Serica, 세리카, Serika, 세리, serikachan] (Author)
Biwan [Bi-wan, OZL, 비완]
LicensedYes, Official English Translation (Tappytoon), Official English Translation (Pocket Comics app), Official Japanese Translation, Official Simplified Chinese Translation, Official Traditional Chinese Translation, Official French Translation
AdaptedNo, but the folktale itself is adapted in various forms
GenreDramaFantasyHistorical,  RomanceShoujo Ai / Yuri
Her Tale Of Shim Chong [Recommendation]

Her Tale Of Shim Chong Summary

Based on a Korean folktale, two very different women find themselves making the same wish – to leave this world behind.

One is Shim Chong, a young beggar living off the kindness of others to support herself and her blind father.

The other is the bride-to-be of old Chancellor Jang, sold off to him for the sake of her family.

When Shim Chong rescues this new bride from the river, their relationship triggers both love and hidden intentions.

But will these two women be able to find their way forth in a world that favors men?

Her Tale Of Shim Chong [Recommendation]
When I first started reading this story, I was expecting it to be quite average at best. I didn’t have any positive expectations at all, yet it surprised me.

The story is unique, witty and with good characters. Shim Chong is taking care of herself and her blind father, which is really difficult for her. She’s forced to beg and suffer humiliation. In desperation she almost steals from a young child, only to be stopped by a monk.

This is a world where men rule, and the monk tells her if she’s lucky she’ll become reincarnated as a man next time. As a modern woman, I find this really difficult to accept but since it’s based in history, I suppose it makes sense to have these views.

Her Tale Of Shim Chong [Recommendation]
Shim Chong isn’t all smiles and happiness, she wishes for an end to the suffering. I think we can sometimes agree that life gets tough and we want the suffering to end.

Coincidentally, we meet a young woman, who will marry a chancellor, wishing for the same thing.

The two share similarities but also many differences. The young bride-to-be takes a liking to Shim Chong and a friendship develops between them. It’s interesting to see Chong’s thoughts and feelings regarding the young woman.

She initially believed her life was easy and filled with niceties, only for her to realize it’s also difficult to leave in a household like that. Freedom is different for everyone, after all. Being rich and powerful doesn’t mean you’re free to act however you want.

Initially we see contempt for Shim Chong, only for it to also affect the young bride whose arrival coincided with a bad omen. It’s clear this is boding for tragedy of some sort, unless they decide to fight for their love.

Overall I’m really liking both the story and art. The love blossoming between these two women will surely leave an impact on the readers.

Recommendation: Yes! It’s a really, really good story and you should definitely read it.

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