SHE’S OVER THE TOP! [First Impression]

SHE’S OVER THE TOP! is a comedy-romance manhwa, with a very bratty female lead. There’s genuinely funny moments in the manhwa.

Alt TitlesEoisangsilui sidae, 어이상실의 시대
CreatorsKkom-i [Ggome, Kkomi, 꼼이], LEE Hae-in (Authors)
JEONG Aro [JEONG Ahro, JUNG Aro, 정아로] (Artist)
LicensedYes, English
Genre ComedyDramaRomanceSlice of Life
SHE'S OVER THE TOP! [First Impression]


Sungsil Yoo, iconic for being “clueless” and “over-the-top” meets and flirts back and forth with Inwoo Jeong, a man whose never had it his own way.

Inwoo heads the “Yurim Rehab Center”, and Sungsil is its rock-bottom employee, but it doesn’t stop the quirky two from forming a relationship in this story.

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SHE'S OVER THE TOP! [First Impression]
I both like and dislike our female lead. Since this is very much a comedy, the female lead is very much over the top but in a funny way.

She’s walking on a thin line between being funny and annoying.

We’re inititally being introduced to our female character when she’s out shopping gifts for her mother. She’s using money that isn’t hers, but her father’s and she buys a bunch of cheap bras.

The rest of the money she uses to buy clothes and other items for her friend. Daughter of the year award does not go to this gal!

She’s clear with hating her mother, but we don’t know why she’s hating her. When we finally see the mother, she seems relatively sweet and not a menacing monster our female lead makes her out to be.

We later find out the female lead is probably traumatised after some crazy woman kidnaps her as a child. I’m going to take a guess and assume the female lead blames her mother for the kidnapping.

SHE'S OVER THE TOP! [First Impression]
The father is obviously not happy with the daughter’s behaviour and sends her off to work at a rehab center.

As for the male lead, he’s the opposite of our female lead in so many ways. He’s stoic, always following other people’s wishes.

Yet, whenever he is with the female lead, he’s laughing and enjoying himself.

The story is very much over the top, with cringeworthy moments happening left and right. However, I still find it slightly funny to read, but it’s not exactly the best story ever.

Recommendation: If you like female protagonist’s with a bratty, but fun, attitude… this is for you! It’s a comedic romance between two unlikely people.

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