She’s Hopeless [Recommendation]

She’s Hopeless [Recommendation]

She’s Hopeless is a story about a young, rich student and her bodyguard. Who is pretending he’s liking her in order to protect her from the bullies!

Alt TitlesClueless Girl, No Answer Girl, 保护刁蛮大小姐, 無解少女, 노답소녀, Unreachable Girl  
CreatorsSeok-Woo [Jung Seok Woo, ซอกวู, 鄭昔佑, 정석우]
LicensedYes, EnglishSimplified ChineseTraditional ChineseIndonesian
GenreComedy, Drama,  Mature Warning: Mental / Physical AbuseSchool Life, Romance

She’s Hopeless Summary

Though she comes from a rich family, Gabin is a bullied loner at school.

That doesn’t mean she puts up with bullying from other students, though — Gabin is infamous for her fierce personality.

Worrying about Gabin’s well-being, her family secretly offers Tae-ung $500,000 to transfer schools and act as her bodyguard.

Will Tae-ung be able to protect her from the school bullies, all while keeping his identity hidden from Gabin and the other students?

She’s Hopeless [Recommendation]
She’s Hopeless is a charming story, slightly filled with some tropes and clichés. However, at least the female lead is being true to her feelings and what she’s thinking.

Our female lead, Gabin, is being bullied at school by her classmates. She’s not one to silently take the bullying, instead she easily retaliates in an equal manner.

For instance, she’s dumping food on someone who trips her in the cafeteria. She also cuts up all the school uniforms after someone destroys her own P.E uniform.

I like the fact our female lead is quite strong, although she’s not exactly going about things the right way. Instead of keeping herself at a distance from people, she blatantly tells them to eff off.

It’s honestly no wonder why people hate and bully her, but it’s not right to treat her poorly just because she doesn’t like you!

No matter how she would be acting, people will find flaws with it. There’s just no way of pleasing everyone in this world, and she probably knows that, too.

She’s Hopeless [Recommendation]
Our protagonist, Tae-ung, is basically coerced into the role as her bodyguard. However, in the contract which he signs, he has to swear not to to tell Gabin about his job.

This isn’t going to go well for Tae-ung, is it? We all know they’ll be falling in love with each other and he will be betraying her trust. I’m assuming she’s hating when people are being nice to her JUST because she’s rich.

So far we’ve have seen some bullying and enough backstory for Tae-Ung. We have a convincing argument why Tae-ung is putting up with the heiress’ attitude about everything.

I’m quite liking the main characters and their interactions so far. I’m hoping we’re going to be seeing some romance develop slowly between them, too.

Recommendation: Yes! The story is fun and not too heavy on the bullying, so far at least. Our female lead is also very interesting and feisty. You better be reading this for free on webtoons!

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