Shadows House [Horror Month]

Shadows House [Horror Month]

Shadows House is a really interesting manga series, which features some unique art, setting and plot.

Alt TitlesShadow House, Дом теней, シャドーハウス, 影宅, 섀도 하우스
CreatorsSomato, Soumatou, ソウマトウ
AdaptedAnime (2021)
Shadows House [Horror Month]

Shadows House Summary

High atop a cliff sits the mansion known as Shadows House, home to a faceless clan that pretends to live like nobles.

They express their emotions through living dolls that also endlessly clean the home of soot.

One such servant, Emilico, aids her master Kate as they learn more about themselves and the mysteries of the house.

I’ve been wanting to read Shadows House for quite some time.

Since October is upon us, I thought I should give it a go. I’m honestly very surprised and impressed by the content.

Our main characters are opposite of each other, but compliment each other nicely.

Kate is a shadow person, exuding soot when she’s upset or angry. Just by living she dirties down everything whereas her servant/maid, Emilico, cleans everything every day.

However, Emilico is a “living doll” and seemingly a new one. She has no idea about the mansion, but I love the way her world expands slowly.

Shadows House [Horror Month]
She normally spends her time in Kate’s room or her own little room.

Slowly her world starts opening up and she meets other living dolls and other shadow people.

It’s so far too early in the story for me to know the plot. However, I can tell I’m loving what I’m reading so far.

The art and characters are well-designed and interesting. Even the initial setting and plot is also intriguing, making me want to read more and more!

Final thoughts: I definitely think you should check this one out! I’m so interested in finding out the fate of our maid and master.

This is part of Otomenai’s horror month, where we share some interesting horror comics during the month of October.

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