Shadow Bride [Recommendation]

Shadow Bride [Recommendation]

Shadow Bride is an historical, fantasy story featuring a badass female protagonist and male lead. Not everything is what it seems in this story, though.

Alt Titles그림자 신부, Geulimja Sinbu
CreatorsSae In Lee [이새인] (Creator)
Soo Bean Lim [Dubmer, Deobmeo, LIM Soo Bean, 덥머] (Artist)
LicensedYes, Official English Translation
AdaptedNovel (I think)
GenreActionDramaFantasyHistorical, Mature Warning: Gore/bloodDrugs / AlcoholMental / Physical AbuseMurder / Attempted Murder,  Romance
Shadow Bride [Recommendation]

Shadow Bride Summary

Yunjo is a young prince, always serving his kingdom from behind the scenes.

He’s spent his whole life in the shadow of his brother, the crown prince Yigang. He is fighting enemies and winning wars in his name.

All that changes when one day, he meets Seolyun, a mysterious and charming woman who captivates him instantly.

What happens when a man emerges from the shadows to follow his heart?

Can he overcome all of the obstacles in his way to step into the light and be with the one he loves?

Shadow Bride [Recommendation]
In this story, we’re meeting a prince and a woman living a not-so-honourable life. We’re initially seeing the story of a sword whose ability is greatly linking it to the real king of the country.

In other words, if someone is using the sword without the permission of the sword, they end up dying.

Our female protagonist starts off being chased by a man. A man wearing an armour saves her, demanding she “serves him tonight”.

However, it’s not in any sexual way. Instead he just wants her to stitch himself up, since he was drugged and almost died in an ambush.

In the normal world, they may never have met again but this is a fantast story. What I absolutely love about this comic is how our female lead keeps being insulted by the male lead.

Shadow Bride [Recommendation]
However, it’s not actually him insulting her but complimenting her. He likes her scent and her brown eyes, but she’s thinking he’s just being rude.

It’s not surprising he’s being rude, considering he’s been single his entire life. Especially when he says her eyes reminds him of a beetle and that she smells.

Someone puts the idea in his head that he has to take responsibility for the female lead.

Considering she “spent the night” in the tent, he thinks he now has to marry her. I’m shipping them, please do get married! However, it’s clear he’s very innocent and sweet.

Which is a great difference between how he normally is on the battlefield.

Recommendation: Give this one a go if you like romance, fantasy and stories set in the past!

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