Seven Dwarfs [First Impression]

Seven Dwarfs is a manhua series which seems interesting, but sadly flops quite badly. It’s not exactly great so not really worth reading.

Alt Titles七个小矮人, Qī gè xiǎo ǎirén, Qi Ge Xiao Ai Ren
CreatorsCheng Guang Culture
Genre DramaFantasy
Seven Dwarfs [First Impression]

Seven Dwarfs Summary

An ordinary girl transmigrates to a fairy-tale-like world with kids only.

Thus, she becomes the only “grown-up prisoner” among the “little prisoners” in an hotel. T

hey are requesting to help the hotel get over the crisis. What’s confusing is, the kids are never innocent, lovely or happy. They are hostile to everyone…

Seven Dwarfs [First Impression]
Seven Dwarfs is apparently a story borrowing elements from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Our female lead is first put in jail since they’re cautious of her, since no adults exist in this fantasy world.

Eventually they let her out and make her work for them to fix their hotel. One thing is certain, all kids are quite grumpy and hostile.

None are friendly or cute, which you may expect from children.

Seven Dwarfs [First Impression]
I don’t particularly like the art, either. There’s just something off about the art, both with anatomy and perspective.

I can’t exactly pinpoint exactly what it is, but it looks like the children are sized down adults.

Children usually have different proportions to adults, thus you can’t just size them up or down.

I’m not a huge fan of the page layout, either, but I suppose it’s not bad.

Final thoughts: Think you can skip this story, doesn’t seem to be worth reading.

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