Sekai ni Futari Dake [1st Impression]

Sekai Ni Futari Dake is a sweet comic with multiple characters. Sadly it’s slightly confusing with so many characters, but I still find it cute.

Alt TitlesOnly Two in the World, The World With Only You and Me, 世界にふたりだけ, 只有你和我的世界
CreatorsTobe Jiro, 戸部じろ (Author & Artist)
AdaptedProbably not
GenreComedy, Drama,  RomanceSchool LifeSlice of Life

Sekai Ni Futari Dake Summary

A short story filled with the sweetness and sourness of youth, that you might find resonance in too!

Sekai Ni Futari Dake [1st Impression]
Sekai Ni Futari Dake features multiple couples and stories, all surrounding youth and romance.

The first story is sweet, although it feels quite fake and shallow.

I suppose it makes sense for the romance to be shallow, but it’s still feeling quite meh. As for the other stories, they’re all short and feature other topics, characters and so on.

Something I found really annoying was how the stories just seemed to flow into each other. They’re not separated enough, which makes it feel very confusing.

So even if the romance is cute, but I’m not loving the story. As for the art, I’m not hating it but it’s definitely not super amazing. It’s not overly flashy and does a good enough job at portraying the story.

Final thoughts: I don’t think I can recommend the story, but it’s not bad. It’s just not anything special so it’s kind of pointless reading.

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