See You on Wednesday [First Impression]

See You on Wednesday [First Impression]

See You on Wednesday is a story featuring deep topics such as human euthanasia and depression. Stay away if those subjects may be triggering for you.

Alt Titles수요일에 만나요
CreatorsBoogie [부기]
Genre Mature WarningMurderSuicide, DepressionDramaPsychologicalRomanceSlice of Life
See You On Wednesday

Summary of See You on Wednesday

The dark days of one’s life, the meeting that will become their light is waiting!

A man who has no regrets about his life, Hyung-Jong and a woman who is excited about her new life.

One Wednesday, while walking down their own paths, the two meet each other like it’s their fate.

What will happen to them? Let their lives meet on Wednesday.

I only quickly looked at this manhwa, since it has a very deep topic initially. The story starts with talk about human euthanasia, a topic which is heavily shrouded in controversy.

I find it really interesting how this story brings this heavy subject to the forefront, yet I worry it may be trivialized for quick gags and jokes.

Our two main lead characters seem like night and day. Hyung-Jong wants to die with this human euthanasia whereas our female character is excited about her life. It’s almost a bit too cheery even more, and it grates my eyes.

See You On Wednesday [First Impression]
Now, I believe that’s actually on purpose. We have two opposing forces, of course one of them will be seen as annoying since she’s such a huge contrast.

I hope we won’t see too many tropes about romance and her “healing” him over a night. That’s not how depression works, sadly. Like I previously wrote, I haven’t read a lot so I can’t make a superb judgement on the story right now.

Overall I’d say it deserves some highlight due to the controversial subject! It’s tough bringing that up in a manhwa.

Recommendation: Check it out if you have the chance, it might be interesting.

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