See No Evil [First Impression]

See No Evil [First Impression]

See No Evil is an interesting story about a guy able to read minds. He comes across someone whose thoughts are quite disturbing.

Alt Titles악인, Agin, Knave
CreatorsGwangtanto [광탄토] (Author)
Maduru [마두르] (Artist)
GenreDramaHorrorMature Warning: Mental / Physical AbuseMurder / Attempted Murder, Gore/blood, PsychologicalSupernaturalThriller
See No Evil [First Impression]

See No Evil Summary

Bonggang Choi has a secret. He lives a quiet life as an ordinary college student, but he was born with a special ability — he can read minds.

Preferring to keep to himself, he doesn’t act on the things he learns while mind reading.

But when he reads the mind of Hun Jo, another student at his school, and finds out that he may have killed someone, Bonggang soon discovers that he can’t close his eyes to evil forever.

See No Evil [First Impression]
So our male protagonist is able to read minds, an ability it seems he’s in control of using more often than not.

However, he did not expect to hear the confessions of murder from someone his own age.

It’s clear it’s distressing him greatly and he confides to his friend. The only person who actually is on his side, despite knowing about the ability.

I’m getting so many bad vibes from this story, but in a good way. It keeps me on my toes and I feel uncomfortable reading more. I both want to find out what happens but also not. It’s a combination of wanting to look away, but at the same time keep staring.

See No Evil [First Impression]
The friend of our protagonist is probably going to end up dead.

He seems to like putting his nose into issues not pertaining to him. So it wouldn’t surprise me if he finds out something he’s not supposed to know.

Some theories suggest the person who had thoughts about having killed someone is also a mind reader. Imagine that twist! Now, I’m not sure that’s actually what happens so don’t think I’m spoiling you.

I think I should adress the art, too. It’s clearly not your typical type of manhwa art but I quite like it. The art has a distinctive charm and it’s clear the artist has some talent up their sleeve.

Recommendation: If you like thrillers, some supernatural aspects and nail-biting suspense, give this a read!

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