Why The King Needs A Secretary [1st Impression]

Why The King Needs A Secretary speeds past any real significant story, making it very uninspiring to continue reading.

Alt TitlesThe Reason That the King Needs a Secretary, The Reason Why the King Needs a Secretary, 覇王に秘書が必要な理由, 패왕에게 비서가 필요한 이유, Paewangege Biseoga Piryohan Iyu
CreatorsBammui (Author)
Studio Inus, INUS, Inus Studio, 스튜디오이너스 (Artist)
Genre DramaFantasyHistoricalMature Warning; Gore/blood,  Mental / Physical AbuseMurder / Attempted Murder, Romance
Why The King Needs A Secretary

Why The King Needs A Secretary Summary

Celestia lives in the back alley of Golddina and has a skill that can dispel magic. She thinks that her skill is useless and supports her talented friend Serengevan instead.

“Get that crazy bit*h out!”

But he betrays her and sells her as a slave even though they promised to get married. In her inescapable despair, a man who looks to be a nobleman appears before Celestia, and seeing his condition, Celestia proposes a deal.

“I can heal the disease you are suffering from.”

“Where did you hear about me?”

The man’s face is getting increasingly scary but Celestia wants to live. She eventually gets what she wants, and arrives at a place that resembles the imperial palace.

“In the future, call me ‘Your Majesty’.”

“Your Majesty?”

“Of course, I’m the one and only Emperor of the Burg Empire, Van.”

Surprisingly, the identity of the man is… the Emperor of the Burg Empire, known as the Red-Eyed Psychopath.

And this is how Celestia became one of the emperor’s subjects. Can she survive safely?

Why The King Needs A Secretary starts out decently enough.

I mean, we’ve seen the betrayed lover trope a lot, but at least it’s not the worst thing I’ve seen.

The art is decent enough, but I must confess I HATE the character design of the emperor, especially the haircut. In several images, it looks like he went at it with scissors – not caring what he cut off.

As for the female lead, she’s decent enough in her looks. I really have nothing against her design, but the colouring is quite basic.

The story is a bit too fast for anyone to gain sympathy or care for the characters. Furthermore, many characters are also very basic in their motivations.

If the female lead’s first love interest dumps her because he gains power, it’s pretty.. eh.

Although it can totally happen, it doesn’t inspire a lot of care or interest.

Imagine if he actually loved the female lead, but had to marry someone else in order to fulfil his dream and he’s too much of a coward to fully break it off.

In that sentence, we know more about the first love interest than we do currently.

We know he wants power and he’s prepared to go against his heart for it. However, he’s also a coward and can’t take responsibility for his actions.

Anyway, the story is going quite fast which, once again, makes it lack depth. Likewise, a lot of characters are basic and with no real depth, either.

I also feel like the emperor is liking the female lead, too quickly. They’re barely knowing each other and it’s clear he’s developing some feelings for her.

Final thoughts: Might be worth reading in case you’re interested in some quick-paced story with little depth.

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