Secret Playlist [Recommendation]

Secret Playlist is a really good manhwa focusing on an artist shrouded in secrecy and an idol looking to collaborate with them.

Alt TitlesChoedae Gieo, Play Flee, Play PL, Play Playlist, Play Pli, Playlist secreta, 恋爱播放曲, 플레이 플리
CreatorsEiff [2F, thswkrrk1, wangwang0415, 이에프] (Author & Artist)
LicensedEnglish, Simplified Chinese, Indonesian, Spanish, French
AdaptedNot sure.
GenreDramaRomanceSchool LifeSlice of Life
Secret Playlist [Recommendation]

Secret Playlist Summary

Hanju is your ordinary university student… except for the fact that she’s also the up-and-coming Metube cover artist, PLII.

When popular boy group member Levi starts noticing PLII and is requesting a collaboration, Hanju is doing anything to hide her secret identity.

But as the two grow closer working on a class project, Hanju’s cover begins to unravel.

Will Levi discover her secret?

Secret Playlist [Recommendation]
Our female lead, Hanju, records songs and uploads these covers and original songs on the internet.

Of course, she’s covering songs with her face out of view, making her identity a mystery. Eventually idol Levi discovers the covers and falls in love with the music. He must collaborate with them! He just must, otherwise his career might go to crxp.

Due to a slump in his own career, he’s looking to collaborate with her but since she’s not responding to his messages, he’s left in the cold. Eventually he starts piecing together clues and he believes Hanju is the secret singer from online.

This is due to her living close by to his studio, and the fact they deliver a guitar to the building she’s staying in. Plus other minor events coinciding, he’s starting to doubt she’s just a regular university student.

He’s not fully certain, though. Instead he hopes she can start trusting him and eventually opening up. However, their first meeting is starting off really poorly. The idol receives some limited edition earphones which the female lead accidentally ends up stepping on.

Their first meeting is off to a bad start, for sure. Not to mention due to Levi’s mood, which isn’t the best on that day. They manage to sort it through, causing a friendship to start growing between them.

Secret Playlist [Recommendation]
Now, the story is quite typical with Hanju desperately trying to pretend she’s not PLII. She’s doing her best to conceal it, but not without being paired up with the idol himself. Apparently they have an assignment together, which they’re collaborating on.

There’s plenty of tropes and clichés in this story, including a potential love triangle. Despite that, I’m loving the story so far! The characters are likable and multi-layered, not afraid of talking about their own fears (to themselves at least). It makes it feel like you can connect to the characters easily.

Likewise, the story is quite interesting and fun, with various awkward moments. I love the tension between Hanju and Levi, it’s so clear they’re just meant to be together! Especially the moment in the car, which leaves most girls blushing.

The art is gorgeous as well, despite the fact the characters look like they’ve been crying or not been sleeping for a few days. It’s just working with the general feel of the series.

What I’m not liking is the typical annoying classmate at university. You know the type, the one who sexually harasses girls and is acting like a creep. Hanju’s childhood friend is also liking her, which is another cliché I’m seeing too often. I wish there was another way for these character to do their jobs without going into the clichéland.

Overall I’m enjoying the story quite a bit and it doesn’t hurt you can read it for free. The story is available on Webtoons, up to chapter 21 (at the time of writing this).

So what are you waiting for? Go read it now!

Recommendation: If you like romance with an idol, this is for you! There’s some clichés and love triangles, too.

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