Secret Lady [Recommendation]

Secret Lady is such a good story! We’re having an isekai story, couple with an ability to see and hear ghosts!

Alt TitlesThe Lady’s Secret, 시크릿 레이디, Sikeulis Leidi
CreatorsAngato [AHN Gato, 안가토] (Author)
Banana [바나나] (Artist)
GenreDramaFantasyHistorical, Mature Warning: DepressionMurder / Attempted MurderPsychological,  RomanceSupernatural, Isekai
Secret Lady [Recommendation]

Secret Lady Summary

In Secret Lady we’re meeting Yoon Seol-woo, a woman who can see ghosts. She’s reincarnating as Rosantine, the eldest daughter of a noble ducal house.

The only issue is… witchcraft is illegal, including seeing and talking to ghosts.

Despite hiding the ability, an incident occurs where Rosantine is making a pact with a ghost. All because she wants to save her precious little sister.

Secret Lady [Recommendation]
It’s been some time since I’ve been reading a story where I felt like it’s going to be great.

This story is one of those, without a doubt. Our female lead can see spirits and she is able to do so stemming from her previous life.

In her previous life, she is ostracised by others for the ability. In this life, she’s able to hide it more easily and initially everything is fine. She has a caring mother, father and an adorable sister named Corte.

However, during an incident she requires help from a ghost, all because her sister needs saving. Due to some issues with the empire in the past, any type of magic is forbidden. Even if our protagonist is nobility, it’s not going to save her from persecution and death.

So far I’m enjoying the motivations and explanations behind our female lead. I feel like the story is being paced out nicely, with enough information needed to make us realize magic = bad. Thus the fact our female lead is desiring to hide her ability makes a lot of sense. She’s a strong character, she’ll do whatever she can to survive.

The ghosts also add a nice touch and the ability of finding out about information otherwise unavailable to others.

With the help of the ghost she makes a pact with, she can find out the names of every ghost in the castle.

With the names, she’s able to control them and thus squeeze out information she needs. It’s a really great way to utilize this ability. I feel like the author is doing a great job in the novel, making our female lead’s motivations be so realistic.

I also really love the art style, it’s really good looking. The time period reminds me a bit of “I’ll Be the Matriarch in This Life”, especially with the dresses. I love the details, especially how the breasts goes in from the tightness of the dress. It’s a realistic addition and I quite like it.

So far we’re not seeing a lot of the male lead, but from what I’m seeing he’s looking pretty good.

Likewise, her desire to protect her family is also making sense since she suffers from not having one in the past. Her love for her sister seems really nice and natural. I’m not fully sure if the mother passes away, but I think she does die.

Recommendation: Yes! This story is really good and I hope they’re looking to publish it in English soon!

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