Secret Crush

Secret Crush [First Impression]

Secret Crush is a cute story about two people who are crushing on each other. Yet, they’re none the wiser about the others’ affection for them.

Alt Titlesこっそりと、片想い, 平行暗恋, 비밀스러운 짝사랑, Bimilseureoun Jjaksarang
CreatorsJung  [Jeong, 정] (Artist & Author)
LicensedYes, Official English TranslationOfficial Japanese Translation, Official Chinese Translation
GenreComedyRomanceSchool Life,
Secret Crush

Secret Crush Summary

What’s the probability of someone you have a crush on having a crush on you?

What’ll happen to these two secret lovers?

Will they ever find out that they are, in fact, in love with each other?

Secret Crush
We start with our male lead, Lee Jinseon, liking a girl in his school for a long time now. There is a small problem, though…

He doesn’t know even know her name and his friends start teasing him because of it! He will attempt finding out what her name is, and he is planning to stalk around her locker to see which is hers. These scenes are giving me 2nd hand embarrassment to last a year. Especially all the posing he does when she’s nearby, it’s so bad.

He ends up finding out her name and wants to show it to his friend, only to be caught by the very girl he is crushing on. He saves the situation by lying and they leave, only for us to find out she has a crush on him, too!

In fact, she’s quite upset the friend slapped Jinseon’s beautiful face, explaining why she reacts the way she did. It’s hilarious how both of these people look at their crushes so differently than how it’s looking in reality.

She finds it exciting he found out her name, but slightly sad when he lies and says it’s the same name as a friend’s name.

We have a hilarious montage showing events from her perspective, and he seems perfect in her eyes. Even his ridiculous poses is seen as cool or amazing in her eyes. Although in reality they’re cheesy, stupid and idiotic.

It’s quite a funny story so far and I’m quite liking it. It seems both of them see each other through rose-tinted glasses, which is so common when you’re liking someone.

Obviously this is a light-hearted comedy story set in school, so let’s not expect anything too amazing. I love the misunderstandings that will happen between the two, it’s going to be fun!

Recommendation: A cute, light-hearted manhwa about two people having crushes on each other. Worth checking it out if you can.

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