Second Life on the Red Carpet [1st Impression]

Second Life On The Red Carpet features a unique take on the isekai genre. Two main characters return to the start of the novel to set things right.

Alt Titles2회차는 레드카펫으로, 2nd Life on the Red Carpet
CreatorsPOdDO, 폳도, Potdo  (Author)
Pomme, Pomme Sagwa, Ppomm, 뽀므 (Artist)
GenreDramaFantasyHistoricalIsekaiMature Warning: Gore/blood Mental / Physical AbuseMurder / Attempted MurderRomanceTime Travel
Second Life On The Red Carpet

Second Life On The Red Carpet Summary

Baedith reincarnated as the princess’ knight in the novel, Princess of the Twilight.

She has finally reached the finale of the novel. While she was contemplating about how her life will continue after the finale, she was sent back to the first day she reincarnated when she opened her eyes in the morning. And with Princess Rosenne as well!

The confused Baedith decides to create an ending that they wouldn’t regret after Rosenne declared that this was their second chance.

I must say I’m not a huge fan of the art, it’s throwing me off quite a bit.

However, it’s not necessarily bad just not my favorite art style.

As for the story, it’s actually surprisingly interesting for an isekai story. Our female lead has done her job following the story but ends up in the beginning of the novel anyway. Alongside another main character!

This in itself is quite unique and not something we see happening a lot in these stories. I must say I do appreciate the twist on an otherwise quite boring plot.

The main characters are quite different, but I adore the princess. She’s seriously adorable and cute!

Our female lead isn’t too bad, either. However, she’s quite plain so far but I suppose she’ll have time to develop as a character.

I didn’t read a lot of chapters, because even though I find the story interesting it’s not just catching my attention too much. Maybe I need to revisit the comic later, but for now I’m giving it a “maybe”.

Final thoughts: It’s definitely worth checking out, but I’m not loving the story. It’s not bad, but there’s something missing in my opinion.

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