Seasons Of Blossom

Seasons of Blossom [Recommendation]

Seasons Of Blossom recently became available on Webtoons and I instantly fell in love with it. The story is sweet, comedic, romantic and sad.

Alt TitleCheongchun Blossom, Youth Blossom, 청춘 블라썸
CreatorsHONGDUCK [홍덕] (Author) – NEMONE (Artist)
LicensedYes – EnglishIndonesian
NovelNot that I know
GenreComedyRomanceSlice of Life, Mature Warning: Suicide
Seasons Of Blossom [Recommendation]

Summary of Seasons Of Blossom from Webtoons:

Oh, to be young and in love. Oh, to be wild and carefree. The springtime of life is intense, tumultuous, and at times, oh so confusing. Spring, summer, fall and winter — love blossoms in all seasons.

The story has four main characters, although the main focus is on Bomi Yun, Jaemin Lee, Seohui Kang, and Jinyoung Choi. These high schoolers will have their fates intertwined in more ways than they could expect.

We’re initially lead to believe Bomi and Jaemin will become a couple. Everything is pointing towards that. Yet, with a sudden revelation, Bomi desperately tries to salvage the situation and confesses to liking Jinyoung. This is a lie, but she’s forcing herself to roll with it to avoid the anger of her friend.

Seasons Of Blossom [Recommendation]
Truth being told, Bomi is actually falling in love with Jinyoung, but not before they share an awkward fake relationship.

We’ve seen this trope of “fake relationships turn real” plenty of times. Yet, when reading “Seasons Of Blossom” I never found myself being bored by it or annoyed. The story progresses at a nice tempo, without becoming too fast-paced and missing out on important character development.

Throughout the series we learn there’s more to these characters than we initially think. Bomi isn’t sweet and tender simply because she wants to be, for instance she’s not afraid to protect her friends. Jaemin has a dark and sad past, which isn’t fully healed yet.

Seohui has a temper, but she’s actually hiding her true feelings, partially due to guilt. Jinyoung may seem cold and aloof, but he’s actually a really sweet guy.

Some say Bomi and Jinyoung aren’t suited for each other, but I actually find them super adorable together. In my opinion, the height difference makes them look really good together.

Overall the story is a lot different from what I was expecting, but it’s a really good story. If you’re looking for a comedic romance story, this is probably it.

Recommendation: Worth reading if you like a sweet romance story set in a school setting. It does feature some darker topics, such as suicide and depression.

Which character do you like the most and why? My favourite is Jinyoung due to his aloof attitude.

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