The Scandalous Secret of the Crown Princess [1st Impression]

The Scandalous Secret Of The Crown Princess is a story about a woman having supernatural abilities. She’s able to read minds by touching someone’s hand!

Alt TitlesRahasia Putri Mahkota, The Crown Princess’ Secret, 次期王妃のけしからぬ秘密, 세자빈의 발칙한 비밀
CreatorsJUNG Munee, 정무늬 (Author)
Lahee, Rahee, 라희 (Artist)
LicensedOfficial Indonesian, Official Japanese, Official English
GenreDramaFantasyGender BenderHistoricalRomance

The Scandalous Secret Of The Crown Princess Summary

Min Bo-ha possesses the psychic ability to read memories with her hands.

Abandoned by the Min family and living from hand to mouth, one day she is given the position of the Crown Princess in place of her injured sister.

Bo-ha puts on makeup and tries to fulfill her duties as a Crown Princess, but little did she know this decision will change her life forever.

Scandalous Secret
I’m not entirely sure what happened, but Lezhin has this title officially licensed yet wrong summary.

From what I gathered, our female lead is replacing her SISTER not her brother. Yet, Lezhin is saying it’s the brother she’s replacing as a crown prince, not crown princess. Very strange, so I’ve been taking the liberty of fixing the summary.

Our female lead can apparently touch the hands of people and thus seeing their memories. A handy feature to have, I’m sure, but probably less enjoyable if you actually have the powers.

However, she ends up using her ability to become a scammer and fooling many women and men. I suppose she has to do this, in order to survive in the world.

Of course, no one believes such a pretty “boy” like her can be a scammer and let her run along.

The main story is done, but there are some side-stories left unfinished in case you’re curious. However, I’m not sure I can even bother reading the main comic.

Honestly, the plot is kind-of boring and I can’t really care too much about the female lead. Although it’s sad she’s ostracized by her family, it’s just nothing to care about.

I’m wholeheartedly believing the family are a bunch of @ssholes, but even the female lead is morally dubious at best. Not loving the story, at all.

Final thoughts: I’m not going to bother reading this story. The chapters I’ve been reading read left me feeling very unimpressed by the whole premise of the story.

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