The Scandalous Proposal

The scandalous Proposal [First Impression]

The Scandalous Proposal is a story about two people entering into a fake relationship. The fun twist? They both already have feelings for each other!

Alt Titles마침내 스캔들, Machimnae Seukaendeul
CreatorsJeong Kyoungha [정경하저] (Author) – Kim Rohyeon [김로현]  (Artist)
LicensedYes, Pocket Comics
AdaptedA novel, finished with 2 books.
GenreDramaRomanceSlice of Life
The Scandalous Proposal [First Impression]

The Scandalous Proposal Summary

The worst crisis in his 15 years of career as an actor! When he was considering leaving the line of business, she stepps into his life.

The beginning made me feel very confused since they practically agreed to have sex. And they seemed so awkward about it, I thought it was the first time they met.

The story is basically a fake relationship turn into a real one. Our male lead is an actor who becomes involved in scandals after scandals. Our female lead has her own personal reasons for wanting a fake relationship, too.

However, it’s relatively early revealed they’re both attracted to each other. Of course, they don’t know that because then we wouldn’t need a fake relationship.

So far I’m liking the story, mainly since it’s featuring a story where we peel away layers and layers. You see, our initially introduction to characters isn’t what we’re left with. Instead we find out more and more, especially about the reason we end up with the awkwardness in the beginning of the story.

I appreciate a story where the author allows us to discover what happens at a slow pace and not shoving everything into the first chapter.

It makes the story feel like it has better pacing and allows us to soak up the information.

It makes it clear how we can sympathies with our characters and understand their reasoning. No one is acting out of line, only based on what they’ve heard or seen.

Initially this may seem extremely weird, but as we go along the story things are clearing up one after one. Another thing I don’t see often is how the male lead’s perspective is what we start with. Although both characters have moments, it’s the male lead who is the key to the relationship in this case.

So far I’m having high hopes for this series!

Recommendation: Give it a go, it seems to be quite fun to read and with good pacing.

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