Say You Love Me [Recommendation]

Say You Love Me [Recommendation]

Say You Love Me is a smutty manhwa with very little plot, but you know what? That doesn’t even matter because the art is bleeping gorgeous.

Alt TitlesThe Way to Confess, 고백법
CreatorsKimpa [Kim-ppa, 김빠] (Author)
Kira [키라] (Artist)
LicensedYes, Lezhin (mature filter/login)
GenreDramaMature Warning: SmutRomanceSlice of Life
Say You Love Me [Recommendation]

Say You Love Me Summary

One fateful snowy evening, Yi-hyun lays his eyes on Serin, noticing her potential as an actress.

While he has ambitious plans to catapult her into stardom, Serin can’t help but hide her growing feelings for him. Until one day, she decides to act on it.

Drowning in her newfound pleasures and fears, Serin is faced with the single most important question that keeps pricking at her heart… Does he love her?

Say You Love Me [Recommendation]
The plot is pretty much non-existent, although I must say the art is utterly gorgeous.

Of course, to say it has no plot isn’t true since it does feature a plot which could have been good. However, the plot isn’t too developed nor is it fleshed out enough to make it feel like it’s in tune with the story.

We see a lot of sex and various poses, but very little actual work from Serin or couple things between Yi-hyun and Serin. If the artist were including these, we would have developed a better understanding of the couple.

As for the art, it’s just purely gorgeous. I haven’t see this beautiful art in many manhwa series, I want to see more of it!

Had this story been longer, I wouldn’t have recommended it because it would have just been too much smut. However, this one is short enough so the very basic story doesn’t exactly feel like it’s lacking too much.

Serin is a person who believes the words of others a bit too much. For instance, she believes rumors about her boyfriend marrying someone else. She doesn’t even talk to him about it, just accusing him of basically lying to her. Typical shoujo manga protagonist, but at least she’s pretty-looking.

Recommendation: If you want some smut with a basic plot, this is it. The art is really gorgeous, too.

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