Savior [Webtoon – 1st Impression]

Savior is a modern-day story about a vampire. I think we should prepare our cry buckets, because this will be a bumpy ride.

Alt TitlesSavior, The Redeemer, 绯色救赎, 구주, Guju, Scarlet Redemption, Fēi sè jiùshú, Fei se jiu shu, Saviour
CreatorsJunchi, 준치 (Author)
Jo9, 조9 (Artist)
LicensedEnglish (LINE Webtoon), English (Tappytoon)Simplified Chinese
Genre DramaMature Warning: Gore/bloodHorrorMental / Physical AbuseMurder / Attempted Murder, PsychologicalRomanceSupernaturalThriller, Shoujo Ai / Yuri, Horror

Savior Summary

Wohn Ku is a vampire that needs human blood to survive. As a tenderhearted child, she led a tortured existence until a girl named Seyeon willingly became her steady blood source.

Seyeon stood by Wohn throughout their school years, defending her from bullies. Fast forward to the present where they move in together ahead of their freshman year of college.

Seyeon remains fiercely protective of her friend, but Wohn is ready for a fresh start.

When a devoutly religious sophomore girl named Juyi showers her with kindness. Wohn emerges from her shell only to realize that Juyi had once been her father’s kidnapping victim. He was a potential blood source she had refused to bite.

Juyi grows closer to Wohn without remembering the incident, fueling jealousy in Seyeon.

Will Juyi prove to be a savior washing away Wohn’s guilt, or will she ruin a vampire’s dream of redemption?

Savior features some homosexual tones, with many males accusing the main character of being gay.

However, it’s still unclear what the two main characters, the black and red-haired person, has for relationship.

There’s definitely some controlling behaviour, under the guise of being caring. Honestly, it reminds me of a jealous partner trying to control someone’s every move.

The red haired woman, Seyeon, is seemingly jealous and doesn’t want the main character, Wohn Ku, interacting with anyone. It’s unsure if it’s because she’s genuinely worried she may lose her control.

I’ve only read three chapters so far, but it seems like an interesting story.

There’s some ethical and moral dilemmas in this story. Namely one regarding Wohn Ku and her existence. Is she evil because she drinks blood?

The way they kill the people are clearly not ok, but I wonder if she needs to suck them dry or not.

Maybe that’s another manipulative technique from Seyeon, who can honestly say? It doesn’t seem like our main character wants to kill people, but feels like she has to in order to stay safe.

I must say, it’s a pretty good way to get rid of bodies, but still a really sh*tty thing to do.

Final thoughts: It started off interesting enough. I wonder if it’ll keep the momentum going or if it’s going to taper off in later chapters.

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