Satan's Contract

Satan’s Contract [First Impression]

Satan’s Contract is an adaptation of a harlequin novel, which falls short. I think you’re better off reading the novel than this manga.

Alt TitlesTsugunau no Kekkon, Satan’s Contract, Tsugunai no Kekkon, 償いの結婚
CreatorsSusanne McCarthy [Suzanne McCarthy, スーザン・マッカーシー, S.マッカーシー] (Author)
NAGASAWA Satoru [ながさわさとる, 長沢智] (Artist)
LicensedYes, Pocket Comics
Release2013 (2020 Coloured Vers.)
AdaptedOriginally a harlequin novel
GenreDramaPsychologicalRomanceSlice of Life, Mature WarningMental / Physical AbuseSmut

Satan’s Contract Summary

Shaun, her grandfather’s love-child, appears in front of Philippa’s family on the day of her grandfather’s funeral to seek his revenge.

And as the newfound heir, he claims all of her grandfather’s inheritance.

He offers to keep Philippa’s father out of jail by paying back all the money he embezzled, but there’s a catch—Philippa must become Shaun’s bride!

Satan's Contract [First Impression]
Satan’s Contract isn’t that great of a story, and I don’t know exactly why. It could be bad source material, or it could be a poor adaptation from written word to illustrations.
Satan's Contract [First Impression]

One thing is for certain, the story is bland and is used way too often. It’s the typical “marriage of convivence” or “marriage and paying off a debt”. Of course we know the outcome will always be the couple falling in love with each other.

What makes the series somewhat interesting is our female lead’s virginity. Yes, I know how that sounds and it’s not a good plot point. However, due to the fact she’s not eagerly wanting sexual relations with her husband, it creates drama.

Of course, they can’t speak like a normal couple and actually say she’s scared. Instead he gets the wrong idea and she refuses to fix it.

Another thing that bothers me is the time skips. We’re glossing over the wedding, honeymoon, going for the sex… then we end up returning home quickly. There’s not enough length to the chapters and you can tell the author needed to wrap it up quickly.

Due to that, the manga fails to bring any depth or interest to the table. I think you’re honestly better off just reading the novel if you’re interested in that type of content.

Recommendation: Not worth reading or spending your hard-earned money on.

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