The Runway [1st Impression]

The Runway starts out with a move, one-night meetup and your boss being your previous lover. All the drama we need for a good romance story.

Alt TitlesTHE 런웨이, 더 런웨이
CreatorsHirachell (Author)
Domi, 도미 (Artist)
Nokdu, 녹두 (Artist)
LicensedYes, Webtoons
Genre DramaRomanceSlice of Life
The Runway

The Runway Summary

My one-night stand from Paris is my new boss?!

Jian, an editor of the fashion magazine The Runway, impulsively leaves to Paris after finding out about her ex-fiance’s affair.

She meets a mysterious, handsome, and somewhat cynical guy who helped her from pickpockets in Paris, and ends up having a one-night stand with him. 3 months later, she meets him again-at her office, as an elite new chief editor from France!

I wish I could like The Runway, but the plot is so basic and boring it’s hard to read more than a few chapters.

The male lead is acting like a cruel brat, playing a love-hate game with her. He’s equally insulting her and being rude, as well as being nice and caring for her.

It’s probably something wrong with him, because he’s acting like a brat. As for the female lead, she’s a bit annoying, too. She’s timid and seemingly zoning out and acting stupid.

Overall, both characters seem annoying and very childish. I hope both characters enjoy some growth and shape up, because right now they’re just annoying.

As for the art, it’s not the worst one I’ve seen but I have read comics with much better art. It’s decent, but that’s about that.

The plot isn’t really unique either, since there’s a lot of tropes.

Both are working at the same company, despite meeting in Paris. It’s unlikely to happen, but even so, the way it plays out isn’t really realistic.

If both had been in the same event area, it may have made some more sense. As for the male lead living with his brother or something, it’s also a common trope.

The female lead will inevitable think the male lead is gay. Furthermore, the fact the guy likes children is also a common trope, especially since he’s cold on the outside to everyone.

Oh and the female lead’s fiancé or something cheats on her. So the male lead says he’s her new fiancé, despite not asking for her opinion or anything.

Basically he probably loves her and is being annoying because he’s socially and romantically inept.

Final thoughts: It’s not anything special, you can probably pass on the series if you want without missing anything.

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