A royal princess with black hair [First Impression]

A royal princess with black hair [First Impression]

Everyone gushes about “A Royal Princess With Black Hair”, but I just can’t seem to like it. Please don’t kill me.

Alt TitlesRoyale Rébellion, The Black Haired Princess, The Black-Haired Princess, 我才不嫁皇太子, 黑发公主, 黑髮公主離婚作戰, 검은머리 황녀님, Hēi fǎ gōngzhǔ, Hei Fa Gong Zhu, Wǒ cái bù jià huáng tàizǐ, Wo Cai Bu Jia Huang Taizi, Hēi fà gōngzhǔ líhūn zuòzhàn, Hei Fa Gong Zhu Li Hun Zuo Zhan, Geom-eunmeoli hwangnyeonim
CreatorsEllian Yang [엘리아냥, Eliayang, Ellianyang] (Author)
Pang-e [Pang Lee, Pang Yi, Pang-i, Pangyi, 팡이] (Artist)
LicensedYes, TappytoonPocket ComicsMantaWeComicsCopin ComicsTapas
AdaptedThere’s a novel, I think

A Royal Princess With Black Hair Summary

Caruel and Euricienne have a lot in common: they’re both 16 years old, belong to royal families, and absolutely hate the idea of a political marriage!

Both are determined to make the other beg for divorce. But enemies on the sidelines are also scheming to tear them apart and even threaten their lives!

As Caruel and Euricienne overcome various obstacles together, perhaps they’re more drawn to each other than they initially thought…

Will they follow through with the original plans to end their arranged marriage? Or does fate have something else in store for the reluctant couple?

I don’t like this manhwa, and I get that some may be upset but let’s hear me out a bit, ok? The story seems to feature a lot of tropes surrounding arranged marriage. Both of them don’t want to get married and neither want to accept it.

The princess initially seems like a brat, although I can totally sympathies with the need for food. Yet the way she carries herself is just annoying, as well how the extras seem to fall for both the princess and the prince. It’s just… so stupid. I get it’s supposed to be fun but it’s so stupid.

A royal princess with black hair
We also have the typical female extra character who is obsessed with the prince. Obviously she’s pissed since he’s getting married to someone else, yet this is such a common trope.

We’re introduced to the two main characters and we just know they’ll fall in love with each other. Whether it goes quickly or slowly, that’s their fate. Imagine if they fell in love with other characters instead? Wouldn’t that be a twist we never saw coming.

Not going to lie, I’m discouraged reading this due to the art as well. Certain poses look awkward, such as foreshortening when the king and queen sits on their thrones. It looks like their heads are huge too, like lollipops.

Of course the noses are a style choice, but I can’t stop thinking about Michael Jackson seeing the princess. The princess’s name also remind me of the skincare brand of Eucerin. Maybe the inspiration came from there!

A Royal Princess With Black Hair [First Impression

Now, the biggest issue I have with the characters are the sheer perfection. They’re such “Sues” it makes me want to vomit. Even when people describe the characters, I’m sitting there thinking but what’s their flaw?! What drives them beyond the plot? What is their Achilles heel?

Even Navier in Remarried Empress has been accused of being a Mary Sue. At least for her, we’ve been clearly explained WHY she acts the way she does. It’s because that’s what she was taught and what everyone expects of her. She can’t afford to act on her feelings.

Here I don’t know what their flaws are, but I’m not really eager finding out, as well.

Recommendation: Check it out if you want, some people clearly enjoy it but I’m not one of them.

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