Roses for June [First Impression]

Roses for June [First Impression]

Roses For June is a cute GL story available on Webtoons. Our female protagonist is mute, but she’s desperately trying to convey her feelings!

Alt TitlesN/A
CreatorsMelancholy Merriment [Lyrica_Reed (artist) / CC_Kawaii (co-writer)]
GenreComedyRomanceSchool LifeShoujo Ai / Yuri,
Roses For June

Roses For June Summary

Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, I wish I could say, that I love you.

Rose tries to confess her feelings to her crush, but finds herself as just a friend instead. Will she be able to communicate her true feelings?

Roses For June [First Impression]
Hello? Is this the police?
June is everywhere and nowhere. Her energy levels are above 9000, which is both cute and annoying as hell. She’s also quite funny, especially the stare down in the later chapters.

It’s harder to get the message across without using words. I think Roses for June did a great job, utilizing body language to convey Roses’ feelings. We can clearly tell Rose is a shy girl, but she’s really into June.

I’m not exactly sure, but so far I’ve read multiple stories with a mute protagonist. It’s definitely interesting to see how the different artists and authors use to make the character feel alive.

I must say I really love the chibis from the artist. Rose’s chibi form is super adorable, with a wide face, she’s looking super cute squished. The details on the uniform even in chibi form are impressive. I really love how defeated she looks when she cries, giving thumbs up to the friend zoning.

At least it’s one step closer, right? We also have a friend of Rose’s, Lucas, who seems to support her a lot. I’m not sure if he likes Rose as a friend only, but I’m not really seeing any jealously from him.

Overall I’m actually really enjoying this story. There’s enough awkwardness and romance to keep the interest going.

Recommendation: Give it a read, it’s free after all! Really cute and funny little story.

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