My roommate is a mannequin [First Impression]

My Roommate Is A Mannequin is a story about a woman who has a phobia of mannequins. Little is she expecting a mannequin turning into a human man.

Alt Titles내 룸메이트는 마네킹, Nae Lummeiteuneun Maneking
CreatorsSeoi [서이]
My Roommate Is A Mannequin [First Impression]

My Roommate Is A Mannequin Summary

Doyoon, a mannequin that wants to be a human being, and Jiho, who suffers from a fear of dolls, become roommates by chance.

Doyoon becomes a human being, and Jiho is forced to face her trauma. A strange living arrangement between a man and a woman!

My Roommate Is A Mannequin [First Impression]
So the story seems quite interesting so far. Our female lead has some type of phobia of mannequins, but she ends up having to watch a shop with a mannequin in it.

I suppose in an attempt to ease her fear, she names the mannequin Doyoon and introduces herself as Jiho. Little does she know the mannequin comes alive, sort of, and can speak!

I’m not sure why Jiho is fearful of dolls and mannequins, but I suppose we’ll find out in the future. In the past, Jiho made dolls but she stops due to some unknown reason.

It’s quite interesting so far, but I only read a few chapters so I can’t really judge it too much. I enjoy looking at the art, at least. The line-art is crisp and the colouring is on-point.

If you like comics where the male/female lead is not part of this world, Luna and Pure Love Incubus, are two options.

They’re not exactly similar, but both are comics where the person isn’t supposed to be found out by anyone. I have yet to read a story extremely similar to this one, which is probably a good thing.

Recommendation: Might be worth checking out. Haven’t been able to gain a proper idea bout the story, but it’s not too bad.

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