His 10000 Romantic Traps

His 10000 Romantic Traps [Recommendation]

His 10,000 Romantic Traps is a breath of fresh air in the romantic manhua scene. It suffers from clichés but it does something different with them!

Alt TitlesA Thousand Tricks of Hunting You, Jutaan taktik serigala liar, Ngàn Vạn Bẫy Tình Của Bạn Trai Báo Hệ, Suas Mil Armadilhas Românticas, กับดักรักของชายเสือดาว, 豹系彼氏の罠, 豹系男友的千层套路, Bao xi Nanyou de Qian Ceng Taolu
CreatorsCloud Studio [深圳云朵屋科技有限公司] (Artist & Author)
AdaptedIt should be!
Genre ComedyDramaMature Warning: GoreAbuseMental / Physical Abuse, Murder / Attempted Murder, Drugs / AlcoholRomanceSlice of Life
His 10000 Romantic Traps [Recommendation]

His 10,000 Romantic Traps Summary

On the wedding day, Xiaoka Luo discovered the clandestine love affair between her bridegroom and her best friend by chance.

Faced with double betrayal, she chose to divorce the two-timer and focus on her career.

The destiny, however, drives her to the love trap set by Nan Xiao, how should Xiaoka Luo deal with the multiple tricks under his arrogant appearance?

His 10000 Romantic Traps [Recommendation]
I’ll admit, this isn’t a manhua completely devoid of tropes and clichés. However, it still manages to keep it fun and interesting, challenging the clichés.

Throughout the series I never felt like there was an argument between our two main characters. At least not to the point where they couldn’t solve it by talking. This is refreshing to see, since misunderstandings usually are the main driving point in a lot of series.

Our main protagonist, Xiaoka Luo, is strong on her own. She really doesn’t need a man to save her, but it helps to have someone support you. I think that’s why I like this comic so much! The protagonists are strong on their own, but even stronger together.

Even our main love rivals know when to back off, and even friendship forms. This never happens so easily and quickly in other manhua series. I actually like our main love rivals!

The male lead, Nan Xiao, is also a really lovely individual. During their xxx moments, he worries she’ll think less of him since he couldn’t control himself when she pounces him.

His 10000 Romantic Traps [Recommendation]
He respects her and her wishes, gives her gifts but is clear he expects nothing back from it. Like a healthy relationship should be!

A manhua isn’t complete without some enemies, though. The main one is really Xiaoka’s ex-husband, his mother and her ex-best friend. They’re annoying little shits that doesn’t seem to realize they’re not going to be given anything.

Even if Xiaoka came from a good family, she’s talented and works hard! Her position wasn’t given to her without hard work and achievements to match it.

So yes, there are some annoying bugs scurrying around in the background but I don’t care too much. They’re added to give spice and drama to our power couple, nothing else. Some of the tropes are also annoying and stupid, but I’ll overlook them since the story is pretty darn good overall.

The art is also pretty decent, my only complaint is how it looks a bit stiff. Overall it’s pretty good and I like the different clothes and design choices we see in the manhua.

Recommendation: Yes! Finally a manhua which seems to do a good job of portraying a healthy relationship.

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