Romance Reincarnate [1st Impression]

Romance Reincarnate is a story featuring a duality of romance, both with a past romance and a current one. I’m not trusting the current male love interest!

Alt Titles다음 생에도 사랑해야 한다면, daeum saengedo salanghaeya handamyeon
LicensedYes, Pocket Comics
Genre DramaFantasy,  HistoricalIsekaiSlice of Life,  Shounen Ai/ Yaoi
Romance Reincarnate [1st Impression]

Romance Reincarnate Summary

In love with his stepbrother but slowly being pushed away. 20-year-old Yeonwoo cries out. “Why does Dokyung hate me now?”

While deep in drunken thought, a strange man approaches.

This man, Seojin… starts hitting on him?!

And later that very night, Yeonwoo dreams pf another life where he’s actually a princess.

If Yeonwoo’s the princess, then who is this Henan that the princess so loves?

Romance Reincarnate [1st Impression]
In Romance Reincarnate, our male lead is having some issues with his step-brother.

Namely, it seems the step-brother is pushing him away but it seems like it’s due to some unrequited feelings.

I could be wrong, but the way he keeps repeating he never saw him as a brother has a different meaning in a BL manhwa.

Our male lead is seemingly the princess of some country, at least in the past. He was at the time in love with a guy called Henan, who looks very similar to the man we’re lead to believe is the male lead.

The way Seojin, our supposed male lead, behaves, I can’t help but to think he’s not actually Henan but someone else from Yeonwoo’s past.

There’s something in the way Seojin behaves which makes me very suspicious.

Romance Reincarnate is definitely interesting, allowing us to see both the past and present. I quite like the duality of the story, which allows us to get a good grip about the story.

I find Yeonwoo to be quite the typical BL male lead. Weak, cutesy, mistaken for a girl often, kind of weak in his determination. In other words, like a typical BL lead.

Final thoughts: It’s definitely not a bad series and I quite like it. If you can read it, I definitely suggest you take a look.

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