Romance Fantasy Comic Binge

Romance Fantasy Comic Binge [First Impression]

Romance Fantasy Comic Binge is a funny story with not one isekai character, but three! All of them runs away from the plot due to various reasons.

Alt TitlesRomance Fantasy Manhwa Binge, 로판 빙의 만화, Rofan Bing’eui Manhwa, How to Survive a Romance Fantasy (official title)
Creatorssingnanda [싱난다] (Author & Artist)
LicensedYes, Webtoons
AdaptedUnsure, probably not
Romance Fantasy Comic Binge

Romance Fantasy Comic Binge Summary

The story of three Koreans inside a novel!

Young-hee, a high school student, becomes the main character in the novel she was reading. She escapes the original route from the beginning because she is not confident of becoming the future empress.

One day, when she was living quietly in the neighboring country, she happens to meet Chul-soo. He’s another person in the same situation like her.

Another is reborn as a villainess, but she also decides to leave.

Those three plan to return to their original world, but the biggest problem they face now is having no money. In the end, they are going for a fast food business…?!

Romance Fantasy Comic Binge
When I first started reading Romance Fantasy Comic Binge, I thought it was quite interesting and funny.

It’s not bad by any means and I do really like the fact they all just left. Like, what are the chances the three major players just decide to say f*ck it and leave?!

Our main heroine dies due to truck-kun, another due to cancer and the third got caught in an earthquake. As our characters come to terms with the world, at least two are aiming to go back.

However, chances are they can’t because their bodies are just dead. Then again, weirder stuff has happened. They’re literally inside a novel’s world, anything goes.

Romance Fantasy Comic Binge
So our villainess character ends up employing two of the other main characters. So despite their best attempts to run away from each other, they end up together anyway.

Although I do enjoy the accurate representation of things we take for granted, such as medicine for period pain, the story feels lacking.

What I mean with that is simple: There’s not any real conflict. At least not with the main character, the maid. For the other character, the prince, he’s being hunted down. But there’s no urgency in anything they’re doing, sadly.

I must give kudos to the creator for including the realistic aspect of not knowing how items are produced. We take a lot of things for granted after all, including the ability to google.

Recommendation: Not hating the story but I want some conflict soon!

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