ring finger thief

ring finger thief [First Impression]

Ring Finger Thief starts out pretty good but then seems to go downwards. It’s the first time I’ve seen an actual fairytale being the basis of an isekai story.

Alt Titles약지도둑, Yakjidoduk, yagjidodug,
CreatorsCho Bu Gyeong [Cho Bu Kyeong, Jo Bugyeong, 조부경] (Author)
Lee Do Dam [이도담] (Artist)
AdaptedNo, unless you count the fairytale
GenreComedyDramaFantasy, HistoricalIsekai,  Romance
Ring Finger Thief [First Impression]

Ring Finger Thief Summary

Linda is a girl who lives in poverty searching for her mother who disappeared 10 years ago. One day, her father comes home bringing a drawn map of the location of Rumpelstiltskin’s hut.

Filled with anger, Linda burns the map then becomes unconscious. When she wakes up, she finds herself in another world living as the daughter of a duke. Will Linda be able to find her mother and return to her home world?

Ring Finger Thief [First Impression]

Ring Finger Thief starts out pretty decent, not going to argue that. We’re told the fairytale of Rumpelstiltskin and how a miller’s daughter is spinning hay to gold.

Our female protagonist is put in the same situation due to a drunken agreement from her new father. You see, she’s not really his daughter since she came from Germany after burning a map.

The father sees she’s not his daughter and pretty much blackmails her into taking on the role properly. Desperate to not get killed, she runs away and finds a magician.

The magician agrees to help her, not without a flashback hinting he knows her. After they arrive at the castle, she’s allowed to spin the hay to gold, but she gets caught at the end.

Ring Finger Thief [First Impression]
Of course, she’s not exactly going to become executed, instead the king will marry her as promised.

It’s from here and onward the story seems to go in all types of directions. It seems the king also knows our protagonist from some time before, likewise he knows she’s not a magical being.

The magician also encounters the person who made him into a magical being and it’s someone we know… It just seemed to be a lot of revelations in a short time period.

Overall it doesn’t seem to be a bad story but I’m hesitant to see where it’s going to go from here. It may end up with the protagonist just completely relying on her man, which isn’t that fun to read about, but who knows.

Recommendation: Might be worth checking out, it seems to have a lot of potential at first at least!

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