Please, Let Me Return Home [1st Impression]

Please, Let Me Return Home isn’t necessarily a good story, but it’s not bad, either. It’s just confusing and too much is going on for me to like it.

Alt Titles让我回家, 집으로 돌려보내 주세요, Jib-eulo Dollyeobonae Juseyo, Ràng wǒ huí jiā, Rang Wo Hui Jia, Let me Return Home, Let Me Go Home
CreatorsLee Ji (이지)
GenreDramaFantasyHistoricalIsekaiMature Warning: Gore/bloodMurder / Attempted Murder, PsychologicalRomance
Please, Let Me Return Home [1st Impression]

Please, Let Me Return Home Summary

The protagonist, who loves romance novels, possessed a character in the world of the novel as soon as she received a confession from her crush, Yejun.

In the novel, she possessed a fallen aristocrat named Beatrice. Rather than having a sweet relationship, she was threatened with her life.

Daniel, the suspicious fiance who tries to take her life every now and then, and Ellin, the cursed imperial knight that protects her from him.

There were strange feelings surrounding the two.

“I want to return home!”

Will I be able to return safely without dying…?

Please, Let Me Return Home starts out with the first chapter being really full of information.

The female lead is an isekai heroine, she’s also a novice to love in any form. We also find out it’s a time travel story with her dying, waking up and then travelling into the past.

She knows her fiancée is ready to kill her, but she’s not exactly in a position to decline his marriage request. It’s not easy to grasp the plot fully or the characters.

The male leads, which there seems to be two, are different.

Please, Let Me Return Home [1st Impression]
One of the male leads is the black-haired one and he seems to be a yandere of sorts.

He’s not seemingly in love with the female lead, more obsession. He goes so far as to drug her and lock her up, preventing her from testifying.

As for the other male lead, he’s probably the white-haired knight with red eyes. I’m slowly thinking this guy is the crown prince or something, but I got no real idea.

I’m also really confused about the male leads and what their motivations are, but they’re not exactly clearly written.

Final thoughts: The story is quite confusing and I’m not loving it.

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