The Rest Of My Life With You [1st Impression]

The Rest Of My Life With You [1st Impression]

The Rest Of My Life With You is a story about a husband and wife whose lives are interrupted by a bullet. The husband is not ready to let his wife go!

Alt TitlesCoffee & Two Salts, 咖啡两勺盐, Kāfēi liǎng sháo yán, Kafei Liang Shao Yan
CreatorsSi Yu, Zhi Wen [纸纹] (Authors)
Chen Xiao Ke, Mie Ye (Artists)
GenreDramaFantasyMature Warning: Gore/bloodMurder / Attempted MurderRomanceSlice of Life
The Rest Of My Life With You [First Impression]

The Rest Of My Life With You Summary

After losing his wife Yusheng, Heling was utterly devastated.

But somehow he found a girl who is a mirror image of Yusheng, but has the memories of someone named Wenning.

Even worse, some guy who claims to be her childhood sweetheart hangs out around her everyday nonstop!

How will Heling find his way back into her memories again?

And how will he find the girl he loved before?

The Rest Of My Life With You [First Impression]
The Rest Of My Life With You starts with a wedding and an assassination attempt.

Our male lead wakes up without his wife by his side. Instead, she goes by a different name entirely and has no memory of him.

Heling is the male lead and he’s not exactly ready to give up on his wife, Yusheng. However, the woman he finds goes under the name of Wenning.

Wenning has no recollection of Heling, nor a desire to entertain him. We soon find out something is amiss with her and she seems to have a blank space in her memories. She even order prescription glasses, but she no longer needs them when she comes to pick them up.

Obviously this is a fantasy story, since there’s so many issues and plot holes. Even if Wenning isn’t Yusheng when it comes to the soul, her body still is Yusheng’s. It seems the body contains two souls, differentiated by the eye colour.

The Rest Of My Life With You [First Impression]
So what do I mean with it wouldn’t work unless someone manipulates ID cards and so on?

Well, let’s say the real Wenning orders a pair of glasses and goes to pick them up. It’s prescription glasses so they’d most likely be under her ID. So if the body is Yusheng’s, how could she pick them up?

I suppose we’ll find out what’s going on later, but these issues seems to be a bit annoying and draws out readers from the story.

Not to mention, she orders glasses 6 months ago and they’re just now ready? It takes at the most 2 weeks for glasses to be ready. I ought to know, I used to wear glasses.

I can’t say I’m hating the story, but there’s multiple annoying issues I’m not liking.

The male lead is pushing and even if she’s not comfortable with his attention, he keeps going. The 2nd male lead kisses a sleeping person without her consent, which is also not ok.

Recommendation: Might be worth checking out, it’s not exactly bad but I feel too nervous reading it..

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