Ren Jiang

Ren Jiang [Manhua – First Impression]

Ren Jiang is a very interesting story, featuring some definitely cool party tricks. Want to lose your arm? Go to a Ren Jiang!

Alt Titles人匠
CreatorsYuanqi Gongchang [Юаньци Гунчан/元气工场] (Author) – Shi Yi Ball [ 十一颗基蛋, Syball] (Artist)
Licensed?No, Original comic
GenreDramaFantasy, HistoricalPsychologicalSupernatural
Ren Jiang

Ren Jiang are able to extract bones, modify tissue, and remodel the body.

They can heal illnesses or create chaos. Cheng Shan has this unique ability and leaves home at the age of 16 to venture into the city.

This story is definitely interesting, with a unique plot revolving around beings who can literally take away limbs from people. The main character’s father ends up detaching the son’s arm. Even when the son is growing up, nothing is mentioned about re-growing the limb.

Ren Jiang

As he grows even older, he doesn’t do anything to fix it. I’m not sure how it works, but he should be able to re-grow it or something, right? It doesn’t seem like anything is impossible for these people.

I quite like the art, in my opinion it looks like water colours and like it’s hand drawn. I’m not sure if it actually is that or not, but it gives a very nice effect on the pages. The art isn’t “refined” as you’d see in some series, but I quite like it. It adds to the charming nature of this manhua.

The female character who is accompanying our main lead seems to be quite annoying. I hope she’s not the type that will get into troubling situations and he has to bust her out.

Unfortunately there’s not a lot of the manhua that’s been translated, so I can’t say how it will go. I do think this one is very interesting and seems to have a lot of potential.

Recommendation: Read if you like something different from your normal comics.

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