They Only Remembered Her [Recommendation]

They Only Remembered Her surprises with really beautiful art, familial love and of course the promise of romance…

Alt TitlesAslında Sadece Onu Hatırladılar, De hecho solo la recuerdan!, In Fact They Only Remembered Her, Sasil Geudeureun Ojing Geunyeomaneul Gieokago Isseotseumnida, Satu-satunya Wanita yang Mereka Ingat, Truthfully They Only Remembered Her, На самом деле они помнили только её, 其实他们只记得她, 実は彼らは彼女だけを覚えていました, 사실 그들은 오직 그녀만을 기억하고 있었습니다
CreatorsRYU Hee-on, รยูฮีอน, RYU HEON, 류희온 (Author)
SHIN Yiho, Nayuta, 나유타, 신이호, Shin Iho (Artist)
AdaptedNovel (on tappytoon app)
GenreAction,  DramaFantasyHistorical, Mature Warning: Gore/bloodMental / Physical AbuseMurder / Attempted Murder,  Romance

They Only Remembered Her Summary

Clarence left home a peasant and returned a war hero, but she could do without the burden of all that glory.

Tormented by the bitter memories of her time on the battlefield, she abandons her knighthood and sets off from the city. But despite her hopes for a quiet return home, Clarence’s disappearance causes quite a stir in the capital.

Now she has the likes of an imperial prince, a snarky magician, a wise priest, and a loyal knight all hot on her trail. It turns out that her comrades in war possessed much fonder memories of her than she had ever imagined.

As the search goes on and Clarence struggles to put the past behind her, this dame may just come to find that some memories weren’t meant to be forgotten.

Remembered Her
They Only Remembered Her was a story I just started reading because I was bored. I had seen the title previously, but never actually took the time to check it out.

If you don’t like harem stories, you may still want to check this one out. Our female lead is quite no-nonsense and seems to be firmly planted in her own role as a peasant.

She’s a really accomplished knight, but doesn’t want anything bu to live in peace. Something her companion’s simply can’t let her do, it seems.

Although I do love all of them, they’re more or less also wrong for her right now. Take the crown prince for instance, he wants to make her empress. And this is when she wants to get away from responsibility and people, good luck.

Remembered Her
The others aren’t necessarily better, but at least they don’t have such grandios plans for her.

One of the major reasons I like the story is how calm it is and how the familial love is blossoming between Clarence and her brother. It’s nothing major happening, but the story isn’t boring – far from it.

That being said, most of the things happening are probably within her powers to fix. It does seem like the world doesn’t want to leave her be, though.

It seems to be an increase in troubles for her, maybe forcing her to return to her position as a knight.

I can’t be writing about this story without mentioning the gorgeous art. The art is just utterly stunning and I love how the female lead has slightly shorter hair in the beginning!

This is what a strong female lead is, not the trash Sahara from Crows comics.

Final thoughts: Definitely worth reading if you like a more mature female lead, with some actual common sense!

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