Remarried Empress

Remarried Empress [Manhwa – First Impression]

“Remarried Empress” features a story of a declining political marriage, ending in a divorce. But how do we end up there?

Alt TitlesJaehon Hwanghu, Second marriage of the Empress, The Remarried Empress, Второй брак императрицы, Императрица вновь выходит замуж, Императрица снова выходит замуж, Повторное замужество императрицы, 재혼 황후
CreatorsAlphatart & Herelee (Author), Sumpul (Artist)
Licensed?Yes, Webtoons
Release2019 (Korean), 2020 (English)
NovelYes, English

Remarried Empress started out as a webnovel, with the story written by Alphatart and covers illustrated by Chireon. The story has been translated by fans, so with a quick googling you might be able to find the novel as well.

“Navier was the perfect empress, however, the Emperor wanted a wife, not a colleague. And so, the Emperor abandoned Empress Navier and placed a slave girl beside him.

That was fine, until Navier heard the Emperor promise the slave girl the Empress’ position. After much agonizing, Navier decided she would remarry the emperor of the neighboring country.” – Remarried Empress Fandom Wikia

Although I can understand the plight of the emperor Sovieshu and why he wants someone to love, I can’t justify the way he treats the empress Navier. For all intents and purposes, Navier is a perfect empress but she suffers from also having to hide her emotions.

She really doesn’t have anyone to rely on, despite having ladies in waiting. She’s not equal to anyone and that must be difficult. Then having your husband basically replace you… I can’t even imagine.

Remarried Empress - Sovieshu and Navier

The relationship between Queen Navier Ellie Troby, also known as Navier Ellie Trovi, and her husband Sovieshu, is complicated. I feel like both can be at fault in the story, but the sheer lack of respect coming from Sovieshu puts him in a bad light.

His relationship with Rashta is also detestable and we, as readers, want to slap both of them. Navier tries her best to avoid Rashta, but the concubine refuses to get the hint – even going so far to wear the same colored dress as the empress, mimicing her and so on. Everyone except the emperor seems to see through her façade.

I’m not sure if she’s “evil” per say, but she’s an opportunist that wants a good life. That’s not anything bad, but when you turn into a homewrecker in an attempt to reach those goals, morally you’re an ass. Navier is trying her best to maintain her posture, but with Rashta pushing her buttons, I can’t imagine it being easy.

Due to her inability to push back against her openly, she’s using her words. And it seems like Rashta has a hard time understanding the subtle meanings, which of course the rest of the nobility have no issues with. Rashta doesn’t seem to get how aggravating she is, but continues to cause havoc.

Remarried Empress's Navier
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Unlike other manhwas, we know how the story will “end”, as in the emperor and empress divorcing. However, the novel continues past the divorce scene, so I suppose there’s still a lot left of the story. I know some readers are growing bored, but I can’t say I am.

A divorce wouldn’t happen randomly, there has to be reasons leading up to it. Strong reasons. And I think Rashta will drag Sovieshu down with her, and I’m looking forward to it. I just hope Navier and her new husband will be happy together, so that Sovieshu will see what he lost.

I’m not a huge fan of the art, but I don’t hate it. When you read the webtoon, it’s nothing aggravating, but in comparison to other manhwas it can sometimes feel a bit too stylized. However, that can also set you apart from other series. So there’s pros and cons.

You can read this manhwa on webtoon for free.

Recommendation: Definitely Read

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