Relationship Once Done [First Impression]

Relationship Once Done is a story I’m quite liking so far. It’s a story about a woman starting to work at a company, under her ex-husband.

Alt TitlesA Once-in-a-Lifetime Relationship, I’ve Done It Once, 한 번 해본 사이
CreatorsLee Reunbom [Early Spring, 이른봄], Linwoo [limiddo, 린우] (Authors)
KIM Jin-Hee [김진희] (Artist)
LicensedSadly no
Genre DramaRomanceSlice of Life
Relationship Once Done

Relationship Once Done Summary

How about having dinner together tonight?

I have my dreams and pride as a jewelry designer. However, everything ends because of stolen ideas and buying real estate!

After a lifetime of bad luck, even “homelessness” is a problem. Even the jewelry company HU, is sold.

I got a job transfer to a famous jewelry company, Temperature International. I take a deep breath to work—

However, I start day one with the big mistake of blowing a bag into the face of the company’s CEO!

Besides, this familiar man turns out to be her ex-husband, Do Jae-heon, with whom she coolly separates after a contract marriage!

She is determined and tries to get used to the new relationship with Jae-heon, but…

The ceo is starting to approach her both inside and outside the company?!

This is the second start of a romance you’ve already done once before!

Relationship Once Done
Relationship Once Done is quite interesting, and I’m liking the story quite a bit.

Our female lead and the male lead are an ex-couple, making the meeting a bit weird.

You see, our female lead is working at a company and a bigger company buys it. At the bigger company, she is running into her ex-husband and things are becoming awkward.

It’s clear our female lead wants to keep her distance but the male lead seems to still like her. He proposes they eat dinner together and seems to be focusing more on her than other people.

I quite like how the CEO is calm and collected, not acting out like a jealous lover.

The art is a bit stiff looking, but I’m not hating the art, either. It has a certain charm to it, and it’s a bit different from what I normally read.

Final thoughts: It seems to be a quite interesting story. You really can’t go wrong with a good office romance!

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