A Relationship Of Intended Carelessness

A Relationship of Intended Carelessness [Recommendation]

A Relationship Of Intended Carelessness is quite a good modern romance with a twist!

Alt TitlesMipiljeog Gouie Uihan Gwangye, 미필적 고의에 의한 관계
CreatorsMinju [민주] / PARK Erbin [박얼빈] (Authors) – Subin [수빈] (Artist)
NovelYes, Korean
Genre ComedyDrama, RomanceSlice of Life,

Summary of A Relationship Of Intended Carelessness from MU

Won’t a kabe-don usually be followed by a kiss? But instead of a kiss, the man in front of her looked at Eungyeol with an intense look, and their eyes became intertwined.

“You were the one who seduced me first…” Was it just yesterday that his voice changed? It was the voice of a flawless man.

“I even threw aside everything.” On top of that, he’s a bit overbearing. “Is this what they call dine and dash?”.

Eungyeol returned a year ago to get her ex-boyfriend back but instead, got tangled with her best friend’s brother.

A relationship that seems intentional yet at the same time isn’t—their relationship of intended carelessness.
From the novel

Our protagonist, Jung Eungyeol, was spending a few years trying to get over her boyfriend, who dumps her. He blames it on her over-working too much and always being late for dates. After that, she was spending her life miserably for a few years.

Not to mention, her best friend’s brother, Shin Leeyul, dies in a terrorist attack on the same day she gets dumped. She finds out that he actually really likes her, but was too shy to confess. Too late now, though, right?

Relationship Of Intended Carelessness
Jung Eungyeol is in luck, her life reverses back until that day. She’s determined to make her boyfriend stay with her this time. But, turns out he was just making excuses last time and he’s actually cheating! What a d-bag.

Instead, she decides to save a life, and her friend’s brother ends up in her bed. They have a one-night stand and she thinks that’s it – but fate has another twist for her. Priorities, right? I mean, saving your friend’s brother is probably more important than your boyfriend.

Eventually it turns out Leeyul is actually going to be her boss. He forces some changes to the routines at the company, forcing his workaholic crush Eungyeol to actually take decent breaks and eat!

They have a roundabout way of going in their relationship, but it’s clear they’re liking each other. They’re even moving in during weekdays, as “co-habitants”. I’m not sure what the aim is, but they’re just fooling themselves if they think they can stay casual.

I quite like this series because it’s not too overbearing. The characters are clearly different enough to stand out next to each other. Plus our protagonist was actually given better treatment than her scumbag boyfriend! Karma, finally!

I unfortunately believe this story will keep itself running for quite some time, using misunderstandings as a base for future conflicts. You know the type, like they can’t confess to each other despite liking one another. Maybe they’re jealous but can’t express it. You know the type of tropes I’m talking about.

Honestly, I hope the story is going to surprise me, but I have low expectations. I’ll just continue reading and hope for the best!

Recommendation: If you like modern day romances set in an office setting – this is for you!

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