I Refuse The Duke [1st Impression]

I Refuse The Duke is a story I’m on the fence about. I’m not loving the art and the first chapter feels a bit repetitive, as in it’s been done before.

Alt TitlesGongjagnim Eul Geojeolhabnida, Rechace al duque, 공작님을 거절합니다
CreatorsHui-ya, 희야 [Author & Artist]
LEE Chae-yeong, 이채영 [Author]
LicensedOfficial Indonesian Translation
GenreBody SwitchingDramaFantasyGender BenderHistoricalRomance, Mature Warning: Murder / Attempted MurderGore/blood
I Refuse The Duke [1st Impression]

I Refuse The Duke Summary

I’ll accept your one condition

Aidan Dalton worked hard, over the past seven years, to rise to the position of Head Servant under Duke Felix Berkeley. However, Aidan kept hidden the fact that she’s a woman and now finds it increasingly difficult to maintain her secret.

Just when she’s determined to quit her job a terrible incident occurs, and when she comes to, she sees the beautiful aristocrat Lady Gloria Middleton in the mirror?! Also, Gloria happens to be a marriage candidate for Felix but…

I Refuse The Duke [1st Impression]
I Refuse The Duke starts with the female lead wanting to quit her job.

You see, she’s trying to avoid being caught as a female but obviously no one wants to see her quit the job.

The female lead isn’t allowed to stop working, and ends up going somewhere else. Of course she ends up being stabbed because that makes a lot of sense.

That’s all in one chapter mind you, so the plot is progressing quite quickly here. Our female lead dies and ends up in the body of a noblewoman, who is a potential marriage candidate for the male lead.

This story is definitely tossing everything it has into the pot. Not sure I’m liking the story so far, it’s seemingly a decent story but I just don’t know.

Something is up with the art, too. It’s obviously fine but there’s just something off with the characters from afar. They look sticklike and “fake”.

Final thoughts: Not loving the story yet. I’m not sure I’m going to continue it because something is making me feel off about the story.

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