The Red Empress [Recommendation]

The Red Empress reminds me a lot about One Thousand and One Nights. Our female lead is a vicious killer, killing most of her lovers.

Alt Titles천하루, Cheonhalu, Thousand Days
CreatorsLee Eul, leeeul99, Ли Ыль, 이을 (Author)
V0RA, WANG Bora, 왕보라, V0RA KIM (Artist)
Waterlily, sulyeon, suryeon, 수련 (Artist)
LicensedPocket Comics
AdaptedUnsure, novel?
GenreActionDramaFantasy, , HistoricalMature Warning: Gore/blood, Drugs / AlcoholMental / Physical AbuseMurder / Attempted Murder, Suicide / Attempted SuicideRomance
Red Empress

The Red Empress Summary

When the emperor murders the python, god of the waters, a curse is put over the Cha Kingdom preventing men from succeeding the throne. So begins the reign of empresses and the endless struggle against men who tries controlling the kingdom.

After all her sisters die by the hands of Yom, the young Empress ends up sitting on the throne.

Rather than performing her duties as a ruler of a kingdom, the empress spends her days and nights drinking and sleeping with different men, whom she all executes immediately after.

The people are calling her the Blood Empress, attributing it to her violent behavior and the red hair, which is being dyed with the blood of the men she kills.

One day, the Empress meets a handsome and intellectual young man, Kanghee. As she picks up her sword to kill him, Kanghee convinces her to spare him and begins to captivate her heart by telling her stories he’s read from a book.

As the empress gets closer and closer to Kanghee, she begins to change her violent ways. Is he someone she can finally put her trust in? Or is he not?

I think The Red Empress is a sort-of retelling of the story, “One Thousand and One Nights”.

It’s not the only comic to have done a remake of sorts, with the English-title “The Wrath & The Dawn” being another one.

Our female lead starts off as quite unlikable since she’s involved in a lot of debauchery. However, as she meets the male lead, she seems to slowly start changing.

Whether or not she’s going keep him alive remains to be seen. However, she’s seemingly liking his stories and quite frankly, him.

The male lead is quite a squishy and soft, but he also has a sharp side to him. I love how he reacts to his impending doom, but he never treats the female lead poorly or like she’s a goddess.

Something I don’t particularly like is how the artist makes the male concubines look garish. They’re dressing them as females, which isn’t necessary, at all.

Overall I am liking the story and the female lead, it’s clear she’s being misunderstood and is not the real villain in this story. It seems she’s being used as a figurehead and other people are wanting to control the kingdom.

Final thoughts: I quite like the story but I fully understand not everyone may like it. However, if you like strong female characters this could be something to check out.

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