Reborn to sleep with a star actor [First Impression]

Reborn To Sleep With A Star Actor is a story about a woman, whose biggest wish is to sleep with an A-lister.

Alt TitlesChongsheng Zhi Wei Zhui Yingdi, 重生只为追影帝, 환생하여 배우님 유혹하기, Chong sheng Zhi Wei Zhui Ying di
CreatorsJun Jiu Ru [君九如] (Author)
Yisehani/Pxtar Manga Studio [Xingkong She, 星空社, Antex, Comic Star Club, PIXTAR, Pxtar, Pxtar Manga Studio, Star Club] (Artist + Author)
LicensedYes, WecomicsOfficial Korean Translation
GenreBody SwitchingDramaFantasyMature Warning: Gore/bloodMental / Physical AbuseSuicide / Attempted SuicideSupernatural, RomanceSlice of Life,
Reborn To Sleep With A Star Actor [First Impression]

Reborn To Sleep With A Star Actor Summary

“You must fulfill her wish if you want to reborn.” “What is her wish?”

“To be with the star actor!” — Oh my, how can I pursue the star actor since I have never had a date?!

Now you can see how a bit player hooks on the big star.

Reborn To Sleep With A Star Actor [First Impression]
The comic is quite surprising with the amount of gore. Our female lead is a body double for an actress, who wants to scar her face.

She hires a co-star to hurt the body double’s face because she’s obsessive with being the most beautiful star.

As our body double is returning home, a woman falls on her! The gore is honestly surprising, with eyeballs popping out and blood everywhere.

Reborn To Sleep With A Star Actor [First Impression]
Our female lead refuses to just die and leave it at that. Instead she’s given the option to wake up in the body of the woman who falls down.

She later finds out the woman has a wish to sleep with an A-lister. Otherwise she’s going to die within 1.5 years, due to some mystical stuff.

I’m not exactly hating this story, but it’s clearly not meant to be read with too much seriousness. Like obviously, you’re supposed to take it seriously, but some of the parts are just so bad!

Recommendation: Not a horrible story, but it’s not anything super amazing. Might be worth checking out just for the heck of it.

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