The Raven Duchess [1st Impression]

The Raven Duchess starts out with a woman who isn’t married, but one day a duke comes to her shop to propose to her. A contract proposal, with a divorce in 2 years.

Alt TitlesCrow Duchess, 까마귀 공작 부인
CreatorsTtagjeongbeolle, 딱정벌레, Beetle (Author)
Bread, sigppang, 식빵 (Artist)
The Raven Duchess [1st Impression]

The Raven Duchess Summary

Love, working is much more fun than dating!

Melisa, the greatest jewel appraiser in the kingdom of Anabel.

She loves using her pure abilities, to make jewellery,
without magic like wizards do.

I love my work and, I believe in my abilities more than marriage.

And for her, the Duke of Winterfeld, Louis Winterfeld, who dreams of being in a romantic relationship, suggests a contractual marriage.

The Raven Duchess [1st Impression]
The Raven Duchess starts out with a contract marriage, which makes us think it’s the typical manhwa series.

However, it seems the duke wants to marry our female lead, simply because she’s a great jeweller.

Apparently there’s going to be some event by the royalty and he wants her skills, but only nobles can enter the place.

Seems pretty straightforward so far, but I’m not sure about the story so far. The female lead seems pretty basic and the same thing with the male lead.

I may come to like the story, but so far I’m not sure. The female lead is very off-putting, but I suppose it makes sense why she’s so brutish and stubborn.

The Raven Duchess [1st Impression]
As for the male lead, he seems like a typical playboy who utilizes his good looks.

It’s either one or the other in these stories, as in either cold and calculating or friendly and charming.

Some people are also feeling annoyed at the microscope and wristband watch, saying they’re too modern. I must say I agree with that, it’s quite off-putting because it’s not exactly “realistic”.

As for the plot, I’m not hating the actual plot with her being so good with jewels, nor the contract marriage. It’s at least having some unique points.

Final thoughts: I’m not feeling it yet, but it may get better further on in the story.

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