The Sunny Lead Was Raised As The Villainess

The sunny lead was raised as the villainess [First Impression]

The Sunny Lead Was Raised As The Villainess is a female isekai story not featuring tropes or clichés, or so it tries not to at least.

Alt TitlesShe Brought Up The Friendly Protagonist as a Villain, 햇살 주인공을 악당으로 키워버렸다
LicensedNo, Original Webtoon

The Sunny Lead Was Raised As The Villainess Summary from MU

I became a princess after a bus accident. But why does this situation seem so familiar?

The Sunny Lead Was Raised As The Villainess [First Impression]
This story was apparently featured in the “Naver Challenge” at Naver Webtoons in South Korea. I’m unsure if it’s being continued or not, since the last update was in the beginning of February.

The author seems to be very against translations of the work, so I hope we’ll get an official translation of this eventually! It seems like something a bunch of people would enjoy.

In this series we follow a female character in a story which isn’t filled with every day tropes. For instance, she didn’t die by Truck-kun, instead it was a bus accident. Her father doesn’t resent her, despite her birth causing her mother’s death. 

The story focuses quite a bit on the differences between this one and other stories. We see tropes listed in certain frames and the female character discussing how different it is for her. 

The Sunny Lead Was Raised As The Villainess [First Impression]
In her previous life she was having some family issues, although I suppose it solves itself for the better. At least she got a loving father in this life.

Our female lead is a baby in the story and due to the story not following tropes, it’s hard to tell who she is. She doesn’t know herself if she’s the main character, a villainess, extra or something else. 

Overall I’m hopeful this series will be good, but I’m not sure where it’s “going” so to speak. I suppose if we continue to read on we’ll find out.

The prologue for the story had great art, sadly it seems the actual manhwa features slightly different art which isn’t as refined. It’s a bummer, but to be expected, I guess.

Recommendation: Check it out if you like isekai stories featuring the main character as a baby/small child. 

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