Quiet Days [Recommendation]

Quiet Days is a short story about a woman who creates a fake persona, resulting in a poisoning of a child. It sounds more interesting than it is, sadly.

Alt Titles가만한 나날, Good Days
CreatorsSehee Kim [김세희] (Author)
kaenopi [캐노피, Canopy] (Artist)
LicensedYes, Manta.net
GenreDramaSlice of Life
Novel cover

Quiet Days Summary

Who knew being fake was a job?

Kyoungjin’s new job is writing fake product reviews as the fictional blogger, “Lady Chatterley.” And she’s good at it.

But one day, she receives a letter reading: “B’s disinfectant spray poisoned my children. We started using it after reading your review…”

Quiet Days [Recommendation]
Quiet Days is a story about Kyoungjin and her two co-workers who all start working at a company.

Each of them have different backgrounds, with Kyoungjin being the only who majors in English literature.

The mission is to create fake characters and start writing a blog with these personas. The two colleagues are struggling with it, but our female lead is thriving at the job.

She creates a persona and gets to work, which means she lying to her audience. She lies about having a child, a dog and just a normal life.

She’s promoting products left and right, with one mail making her think about the future. It’s not a good mail, not at all.

Quiet Days [Recommendation]
Eventually another product is seen as dangerous, making her become even more upset over the blogging.

Our female lead seems pretty dead inside, but I suppose that’s how it goes.

The company section eventually disbands since the blogs aren’t being promoted anymore.

Mainly because the algorithm changes, no blog appears on the trending page. This is upsetting and worrying for the company, but they don’t really have a good solution.

I find the story quite interesting, but it’s very short and thus we don’t see our characters developing properly. There’s a novel, but I don’t know how long the novel is.

Quiet Days [Recommendation]
I think the story is better in the novel, mainly because it can be more fleshed out.

It’s a story which isn’t bad, but it’s definitely lacking in the manhwa form.

The author of this novel and manhwa also made “Words & Kisses“, which is another manhwa I’ve written about.

Nowadays, the advertisement done in this story can’t really be done in the same way as before. In my home country you have to mark ads as just that, ads.

I’m not sure there’s a real punishment following these rules, but not sure. It’s a bit of an @sshole move not to write it’s an ad and inform your followers.

Final thoughts: I quite like the story, since I like these slightly different stories. I wish the novel exists in English, since I want to read it.

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