Monster: The Quiet Beast's Warmth [First Impression]

Monster: The Quiet Beast’s Warmth [First Impression]

Monster: The Quiet Beast’s Warmth is an interesting isekai story, with floating fish in the sky. The story is interesting so far.

Alt TitlesMONSTER沉默野兽的温度, MONSTER chénmò yěshòu de wēndù, Monster: Chen Mo Ye Shou De Wen Du
CreatorsLIU Chai [六柴] (Author & Artist)
GenreDramaFantasy,  IsekaiRomanceSupernatural
Monster: The Quiet Beast's Warmth [First Impression]

Monster: The Quiet Beast’s Warmth Summary

A young girl who is cursed by a black butterfly is meeting with all kinds of mishaps. Every time a white butterfly is saving her.

This time the curse of the black butterfly strikes once more, but along with the white butterfly that came, was unexpectedly a long haired, beautiful man with wings!

“Could it be that an angel came to save me?” “No, he is not an angel! He is… a beast!”

Monster: The Quiet Beast's Warmth [First Impression]
I quite like this story, especially the gorgeous art. It doesn’t hurt the male lead is very attractive too, although slightly cold.

Our female lead is quite amusing too, taking her appearance in the new world with ease.

Once again, our female lead is in danger. As the man with angel wings saves her, she ends up in a very different world. In the new world, there’s literally fish floating in the sky. There’s also some skeleton, ready to devour our female lead. Thankfully the male lead saves her again only to pass out.

A ball appears in the sky and sets her on a task to bring him to a healing spring. She does so, with the meters slowly counting down. It’s quite amusing to see how she struggles to pull him along the ground.

Monster: The Quiet Beast's Warmth [First Impression]
I’m not sure about the plot, but it’s quite interesting so far.

The people living in this world need her help and she needs to do some type of ceremony. I’m not sure if this is going to be that great of a deal for her, but who knows.

The male lead is apparently a beast, too. Apparently he can transform into a panther, but it’s no explanation of when he does it. Maybe when his pulse increases he transforms? It’s an easy explanation considering he’s dancing with the female lead before he runs out of the room as a panther.

Recommendation: It doesn’t seem like a bad manhua, it may be worth reading. I’m enjoying the art and the plot seems interesting.

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