Those Years In Quest Of Honour Mine

Those Years In Quest Of Honour Mine [First Impression]

Those Years In Quest Of Honour Mine is a complicated boy’s love story set in a fantasy China. It’s really complicated so buckle in for the ride!

Alt TitlesDāngnián wànlǐ mì fēng hóu, Those Years in Quest of Honor Mine, Those Years in Search of Honor Mine, TYQHM, ปีนั้น…ที่ข้าคะนึงถึง, 当年万里觅封侯, 當年萬里覓封侯
CreatorsMan Man He Qi Duo [漫漫何其多] (Author) – Jinjiang Wenxue Cheng (Artist)
LicensedOfficial English
GenreComedyDramaFantasyHistorical, Shounen Ai/ Yaoi
Those Years In Quest Of Honour Mine

Those Years In Quest Of Honour Mine summary

Yu Ziyou and Zhong Wan serves different masters. Once they had been the closest of souls, and were the bitterest of enemies. After losing the fight for the throne, Zhong Wan brought his two young masters with him far toward the borders for the sake of survival.

He relies on the little friendship that exists between him and Yu Ziyou when they were young. He borrows some of his personal belongings while also dropping various hints around which made everyone think that there is something intimate going on between them.

Given the Yu Clan’s powerful authoritative presence in the imperial court, this appearance of a close tie allows zhong Wan to live a much better life than before. As such, the stories he cooks up began to carry more and more weight.

As rumors of their lovely romance spread a thousand miles into the horizon, Yu Ziyou, who is located in the distant capital city, eventually catches wind of his deeply moving and epic love affair. In a trance, Yu Ziyou, who has been completely brainwashed for seven years, believes in them.

He guesses something special really did happen to them back in those days. 

Those Years In Quest Of Honour Mine
This story is adapted from the novel of the same name, which is good and bad.

It’s good because it means you can easily go back to the novel to get more information about the world. It’s bad because adapting a story from written words to pages of illustration isn’t as easy as people think.

I was completely lost initially, since our story starts off with characters we don’t know. It’s like this is a sequel to a story we’re supposedly already knowing, but we don’t know anything about it. It makes for a messy initial impression which I didn’t care for, at all.

I suppose reading the synopsis may clear it up a bit, but the synopsis isn’t supposed to replace exposition in the story. It’s only meant to entice people to start reading the story.

We’re getting hints the two male leads had some type of relationship in the past but it’s unclear if it’s actually the truth. One male lead seems apologetic, like he was starting a false rumour in the past. It’s a bit hard understanding this whole plot, but I guess it’s meant to be unclear for now.

Those Years In Quest Of Honour Mine
Unless you actually end up reading the synopsis, which means you can literally just skip the first few chapters and go straight onward with the story.

The artist tries to give us a backstory with peasants narrating the story, but it’s still a bit blurry. The end result is confusing us in the early chapters, which is partly because I’m not drawn into the story. I can’t really care for characters I know nothing about nor am I clearly given information about them.

Overall, the story’s art is pretty and I think the plot seems to be quite nice. However, I cannot say I’m absolutely loving the story anyway. It seems like you’d benefit from reading the novel instead, or at least before reading the manhua.

Recommendation: I’m not loving the story, but if you like yaoi set in ancient times, you may like this.

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