The Promised Queen [First Impression]

The Promised Queen is a bit confusing, but I appreciate the artist’s efforts in making the series. The art is pretty good, overall.

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The Promised Queen [First Impression]

The Promised Queen Summary

Among the royal servants there is a rumour that the emperor is sick.

At the invitation of the emperor, the witch Victoria will try curing him with her servant Richard.

However, the royal palace hides far more secrets than they thought.

The Promised Queen [First Impression]
I’m not sure why this story is so confusing, but our female lead in this story is trying to cure an emperor.

The female lead is a witch with some strange eyes, which she can hide with her magical powers.

So far we don’t really know why she has those eyes, but it seems many would want them. Maybe it’s a sign of her magical powers, but I’m not sure.

Maybe the reason this series is a bit odd and confusing is the artist’s first language. I get the impression it may not be English, so it would make sense some things are lost in translation.

Overall the story isn’t bad, but it’s very confusing and not flowing too well.

The Promised Queen [First Impression]
The introduction of the character is done pretty ok, but it could have been done in a different way.

The art is pretty nice overall, but it does remind me a lot of “Who Made Me A Princess”, which I assume is the artist’s inspiration.

I haven’t read the story fully, so I can’t really say if it gets better or not. It’s not bad, but it’s clear it needs some work done to make it stand out.

I feel like the story needs some streamlining so it’s easier to understand the story. I’m not the only one who is feeling very confused about the story.

Final thoughts: The story is sadly very confusing, which makes it pretty sad the only thing great about the story is the art.

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