Que Sera, Sera [Recommendation]

Que Sera, Sera is a story about a one-night stand changing the fate of many people. Awkwardness ensues, but what will be, will be.

Alt TitleQue Sera, Sera!, 케세라세라
CreatorsGonalisa [GO Minjeong, Gona Rija, Gonalija, KO Min-jung, 고민정, 고나리자, Gonarisa] (Author)
Sujeong  [originali_SJ, Soojeong, Soojung, Sujung, 수정] (Artist)
LicensedYes, EnglishFrenchIndonesian
GenreComedyDramaRomanceSlice of Life
Que Sera, Sera  [Recommendation]

Que Sera, Sera Summary

I slept with my BFF’s brother?! One night, Hani goes out to drink with her best friend’s brother and wakes up… in bed with him?

What happens when she becomes pregnant from her one night stand?

Watch Hani’s trials and tribulations as she tries to hide the truth about the real father.

Que Sera, Sera  [Recommendation]
Que Sera, Sera is a bit on the mature side, but it’s not too bad. Hani is our female lead who ends up sleeping with best friend’s younger brother.

Misunderstandings and lack of communication leaves Hani pregnant without a father to her child. In order to not hold back her child’s father, she chooses to keep it quiet.

Due to her low hormone levels, she’s being told it’s not clear she may be able to conceive if she aborts the child. She decides then and there to keep it, lying about the father to everyone.

Eventually her one-night stand comes back into the picture and they start rekindling their relationship. Except, she isn’t telling him that her daughter is his daughter, too.

Que Sera, Sera  [Recommendation]
I like the story because all thoughts I have about the issues are taken into account, including the day-after pill.

As for the male lead’s sister, she is also struggling with pregnancy and complexes. Due to her own mistakes in the past, she blames herself for the death of her father.

It’s clear she takes it very seriously when she’s caring for her younger brother. If she finds out her friend slept with him, she may not react nicely.

So, of course Hani keeps everything a secret until it comes all crashing down. There’s a bit too much hiding in the story, sometimes it wouldn’t hurt with more reasoning behind some events.

Final thoughts: The story is quite good, with a good amount of comedy and maturity. Hani’s daughter is also very cute!

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