Purple Hyacinth [Webtoon - Recommendation]

Purple Hyacinth [Webtoon – Recommendation]

“Purple Hyacinth” is sooo amazing I binge read all of the chapters available when it first came out. It’s so good you should drop everything you’re doing right now and start reading it.

Alt Titles Jacinto púrpura, La Jacin the Violette
CreatorsEphemerys (Author), Sophism (Artist)
LicensedYes, Webtoons
Purple Hyacinth
Kiss already!

Summary of Purple Hyacinth

Her ability to detect lies has made her an outstanding officer of the law – despite being haunted by her inability to save the ones she loved from a gruesome fate many years ago.

Now, she uses her powerful gift to defend the defenseless at any cost – even if it means teaming up with a deadly assassin to fight evil in a world gone mad. – Webtoons

Purple Hyacinth

When we first start the prologue we’re instantly being hit with some deep-hitting emotional piano music The Webtoon is introducing us to Lauren’s plight with a catch phrase, “the blindest of all”.

The creators are introducing the world and the Phantom Scythe in an excellent manner. The prologue is including Lauren Sinclair and her amazing ability to detect lies.

In the prologue we’re also introduced to the Allendale train station tragedy which set Lauren up on the path of finding out the truth. And maybe some revenge, too.

It’s so beautifully done. All of the information fitting into a prologue just goes to show how amazing the creators are. No one is forcing us to sit through extensive information. The images are speaking for themselves.

Telling truth from lies show up a beautiful red colour, easily standing out for us in the audience. There are flaws with this, of course.

She can’t technically know if the person is telling the truth or not. She can tell if a person is believing what they’re saying. Overall it’s an interesting ability that may have caused trouble for her in the past.

Purple Hyacinth
Like I said, just KISS ALREADY
I re-read the first prologue chapter to make this blurb come out decent and I still got goose bumps!

The story introduces two police officers that are close to Lauren, but the closest one to her is definitely Kym. Sometimes in stories, the “side-kicks” are just that, without any depth or interests.

In Purple Hyacinth, the people around Lauren are equally troubled as her, but with other issues. We won’t be exploring these issues more until further in, but they just prove that the characters are multi-dimensional. This includes our carefree Kym.

Kym is a sweetheart and I think if Lauren needed her, she’d helping her to be bury bodies. I just can’t stop gushing about the characters and story. It is THAT good.

Although there’s definitely action in this story, I think mostly this story is about grief and not being able to let go. Lauren is definitely suffering and she’s just stuck repeating what she already knows about the cases.

Purple Hyacinth

During the story, the phrase “the truth will set you free” and it may not be completely true here, but it would be a start. These chapters are following Lauren as she’s untangling the past and forcing herself coming to terms with what happened that day.

She’s going to try to moving on, else she’s never going to be able to keep living in the present day.

The most unthinkable alliance starts forming and you know, it doesn’t hurt there’s some tension there. I don’t even need to keep mentioning what type, knowing how fans like to think, you already know.

Did I ever mention the music? No, some chapters have amazing music and the best part it’s actually out on Spotify. So excuse me while I listen to “Blindest of All 2

Recommendation: YES, you MUST be reading this!!

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