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Pure love incubus [First Impression]

Pure Love Incubus is a story about a virgin incubus trying to seduce a human. Sadly things don’t go exactly as planned, for better or worse.

Alt Titlesjunai ♥ incubus, Junnai Incubus, 純愛インキュバス
CreatorsRyoku [りょく, Ryouku] (Artist & Author)
LicensedYes, Pocket Comics
GenreComedyDramaFantasyMature Warning: Smut (in context of story), RomanceSlice of Life,  Supernatural
Pure Love Incubus [First Impression]

Pure Love Incubus Summary

“I’ve come to take your virginity.”

One day, a man appears before cool, insomnia office worker Koume.
He’s haughty, but his looks are exactly her type.

He calls himself an incubus and states that he’s come to take her virginity…but something about him is weird.

A love comedy between an innocent wuss of an incubus and an office lady who won’t fall in love!

Pure Love Incubus [First Impression]
Our protagonist, Koume’s interaction and reaction to the incubus, Zeta, is quite rational.

She initially think he’s just some kind of dream apparition until she realizes he was a crow at first.

She lets him in and is obviously confused by his appearance. However, her secret weapon against this incubus is nothing but the Febreze spray.

Whenever she prays the incubus, he turns into a crow form which she’s comfortable around. This even helps her fall asleep, which is partly the reason I think she keeps him around.

I quite enjoy how Koume manages to keep her rationality and cool. She’s not easily swayed, but the incubus is! Whenever he pulls an extra flirty line he goes red of embarrassment.

Now I haven’t read enough to fully understand the plot or relationships. It seems like a decent story, but I can’t be sure yet. Still, I do think it may be worth checking out.

I’m not fully enjoying the fact there’s so many men around, since that’s quite typical of “bad” stories. Not that I’ve seen enough to deem this as a bad or good story.

I do like Zeta, however. He’s obviously ruled by his impulses but he’s also very cute!

Recommendation: Might be worth checking out if you like a more innocent guy lead.

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